Denver Real Estate Agent’s Pick of the WEEK!

There is a relatively flat 42 acre lot on Rampart Road at the headwaters of Chatfield Reservoir for sale.

A guy could build 200 patio/townhomes for @ $250,000 each and sell them for @ $360,000 each all day long in this location.  This Land Owner is asking $1,100,000 and will carry with only $25,000.00 down! We could offer him $2,000,000…… $900,000.00 over his asking price, if he will carry it over…7 years.  We pay him when we close each unit that happens to have a $10,000 lot fee.  Follow me?  Here is a project I brokered in the past to do just that.

I know I can cram 7 units an acre into a development but let’s be conservative and go with 5.  5 units times 40 acres is 200 units.





“homeowners report the average cost to build a new house comes in at $289,775, which would put a 2,000 square foot home costing about $150 per square foot. This will obviously vary greatly with all the costly variables involved, so the cost could range between $150,219 and $429,331.”

Build cost 200 units x $250,000 = $50,000,000

Sale projection 200 units x $360,000 = $72,000,000

$22,000,000 in 7 years are pretty good margins in my eyes.  I would shoot for a 5 year sell out and I think it’s attainable, given the current lack of inventory.

Average home price in Denver just hit $425k!  There would be people lined up to buy these.  I have in place, a great title company, great real estate company and great lenders, however, the engineers, architects, start up funding and a builder with mojo would be key.

If anyone out there would like to step up LET ME KNOW!  I would be completely on board.  This is an actual active listing call me for more info.

303-476-8454 Nick

Littleton Co Agent Pick of the Week!
Littleton Co Agent Pick of the Week!

The property is 41.9 acres, an ALTA survey was completed in 2017. The property is roughly square, with 1/4 mile of frontage on the Highline Canal on the west side and 1/4 mile of frontage on Rampart Range Road on the east side. The topography is generally flat with a southern facing slope on the southern side of the property. The property has been used historically for grazing and has an agricultural exemption so the property taxes are under $50.00 annually. There is an existing well permit, expired which could be renewed. Roxborough Water and Sanitation District has agreed to serve water to the property north of us and if we participate in 1/4 mile of construction of an 8” water line they would serve us also. The property is currently zoned in unincorporated Douglas County as Rural Residential.

Buy Bitcoins at Coinbase for 10% Off!

I know this is a little off topic for a real estate website however as an investor or in this case speculator and early adapter of technology I have been getting pretty excited about Bitcoin and Ethereum lately. Along with collecting real estate I’ve started to acquire some digital currency assets recently to diversify.

What I find particularly interesting about this currency is that it is increasing in value as it is “mined” as opposed to the U.S. dollar which is decreasing in value as it’s printed.

For example with Bitcoin they’re only releasing 21 million coins and that’s it… with gold you can keep mining it for ??? so in my mind Bitcoin, since it will be a limited resource, could have more value faster. Bitcoin is currently trading at $6500 a unit and gold at $1200 an ounce or roughly $40,000 a pound 11/13/2017.

Also from what I understand the algorithm is written so that they release less Bitcoin as time goes on. It actually is designed to increase in value through the coding of the block chain. This blockchain mining takes time to release as opposed to just releasing a ton of coins at once which would cause valuation issues, instead it will release steadily and reduce volatility.

Bitcoin is a finite commodity that I have actually used to buy an item with today!  I just bought some cologne on using Bitcoin just to see how it works. Depending on whether the Bitcoin is worth more or less than I paid for it I then pay more or less for the cologne… if that makes sense. Pretty fascinating…..  It was easy using Coinbase to buy the Bitcoin however, it did take about a week to get everything set up and rolling. I didn’t really trust Coinbase or any of this virtual cash so I opened a separate bank account to only use for digital currency and that way I felt like they couldn’t just help themselves to my bank account or if it was a scam that would be limiting my exposure. Since I bought it, it went up $1,000 but it’s pretty volatile, it’s been bouncing around $500 in value every day.

I originally got a referral link from a buddy who uses Coinbase. He gave me a link and he received $10 in Bitcoin and so did I when I purchased $100 or more in digital currency.

I purchase some before it took off recently.  Since then I have been going on a lot of blogs and reading about Bitcoin and Ethereum and one common question is “Where do I get Bitcoin?” and the answer is Coinbase!  Coinbase is a great place to pick up some Bitcoin,  Ethereum or Litecoin and get started.  Please use the link below. If you buy $100 worth of Bitcoin you’ll get $10 free!




Property Manager in Littleton CO

Littleton Property Management

Let us manage your Littleton rental property

House Property Management is a full-service Littleton Colorado Property management company, providing services for residential properties.

Monthly Full  Littleton Property Management Service

This is our most popular option. House Calls Property Management will handle all aspects of your rental property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you would prefer not to get a phone call at 3:00 a.m. about a leaking water heater, this option is for you.

Listed below are the services included (but not limited to):

  • Complimentary consultation to appraise property to ascertain optimal rental amount
  • Recommend required mending to get property in move-in condition
  • All advertising and marketing of the home for a minimal fee
  • Plan and conduct showings
  • Provide application and policies to prospective renter
  • Thorough confirmation/credit screening of applicant
  • Upon blessing of all sides, execute lease agreement
  • Collect 1st month’s rent & security deposit in secured funds preceding move-in
  • Conduct move-in examination of the property
  • Monthly rent collection
  • Provide monthly statements
  • Take all tenant phone calls and answer questions/concerns
  • 24/7 emergency maintenance line
  • Schedule and monitor  maintenance
  • Coordinate statement payments
  • Periodic scrutiny of property
  • Organize lease extensions & move-outs
  • Advise on security deposit dispersion
  • Retain legal services as necessary (at owner’s cost)

Leasing Only Option

This option is if you would prefer to handle the day-to-day management of your property but need someone to find a qualified tenant. House Calls Property Management will handle the first 8 items on the list above. After the lease is signed, the funds will be released to the owner. The management is then the responsibility of the owner for the length of the lease.

Why choose House Calls Property Management?

House Calls Property Management, LLC is a family-owned property management company well established in Denver and the surrounding areas. Nicholas Bowman Founded House Calls Realty in 2003.  Since then, the company has grown to managing approx. 50 properties. All properties are located in Littleton, Denver, Colorado Springs, Thornton, Arvada, and Aurora. We have a long and proven track record in the property management field, take pride in our extraordinary service, and look forward to exhibiting why we are the best.


How do you advertise vacancies? Who pays advertising costs?

We advertise and market your property using the following methods:

  • Our Own Website at that shows descriptions, pictures and map links to your property.
  • Weekly classified ads in the local paper, Canyon Courier, which also has its own website for more access.
  • Additional ads may be placed in the local newspaper, based on property location.
  • Local Real Estate agents and offices receive our available inventory listings through the Multiple Listing Service called Matrix.
  • A sign will be put up in the yard or window, along with printed flyers, depending on location.
  • We also run ads on various websites including Zillow,, Trulia, Craig’s List, etc., as needed.

What is your screening process for prospective applicants?

Placing qualified residents in your property is one of the most important goals as your property management company. We are very diligent with our screening for prospective tenants. We encourage you to review our rental application, policies and procedures as provided to each prospective tenant. Our professionally trained staff processes all applications through our web site. We obtain a credit report for each applicant, contact current and previous landlords for rental references, and verify current employment and income.

Denver Property Management


House Calls Realty offers Property Management services in the Denver area. Our Property Manager services include property marketing, tenant screening, leasing, evictions, rent collection, mortgage and utility payments, accounting services, security deposits, inspections of property, and last but not least repair and maintenance services.

We also do all of the marketing for you to find the best tenant. We market on Zillow. We are Premier agents with Zillow and they give us preferred ad placement. We will also advertise you property on the Denver MLS listing service called Matrix. We also advertise on, HotPads, Craigslist, and a plethora of other web site.  We also do aggressive offline advertising, so we would put a sign in the yard, maybe in the window and often we will put flyers at the Whole Foods or other coffee houses or hangouts in the area.

We have a great application process that will pull the credit of the potential renter helping us choose the best qualified tenant to take care of your Denver property.

We will do all the rent collection for property owners in the Denver area. We also can handle three-day notices and even evictions, but we do thorough background checks before we even get the tenants in the property so we rarely have to evict.

We provide an open spread sheet that keeps owners informed with what is happening with their when ever the would like to check on it.  Our meticulous notes are available to property owners 24 hours, a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our clients have access to their file whenever they need plus they’ll get a link to a year end statement for their CPAs in January.

We handle the security deposits, as well. They’ll be put in escrow and held for the duration of lease.  We give a statement to the tenants and the owner and they’ll both be notified of any damages that occurred during the lease. We take care of the security deposit refunds within 30-60 days depending on the lease verbage.

We do inspections of property. We do move-in inspections and will take video and then we do move out inspections and take video again and pictures of any damage. We will estimate the repair costs and remove the cost from the security deposits and then refund the security deposits to the ex tenants as soon as possible.

We handle the day to day repairs and maintenance. Whatever needs to be done within $200 is immediately handled by our handy men. If the bill is above $200 we will contact the owner and see what route they want to take.  We can acquire bids on projects for them… sometimes there’s a fence or retaining wall that needs to be done and we will get a couple bids for them but if its under $200 we just take care of it.  It is often downspouts… things like that… in the fall sprinklers need to be blown out. Disposals are the most common call.  Disposals tend to burn out or get clogged up and need replacement. Water heaters also go out from time to time. We have a good guy the can replace those at a pretty reasonable price.  If you need a great property management company in the Denver area please contact House Calls Property Management LLC at 303-476-8454.

2/2/1 in Arvada for Rent

Arvada Colorado Property Manager
5837 Newcombe Court

We have a fully remodeled 1000 square foot half a duplex up for rent.  This unit is a two-bedroom two-bath with a one car garage.   It is located at 5837 Newcombe Court in Arvada Colorado. This unit has a fenced back yard. The kitchen has new stainless steel appliances and there are new hardwood floors throughout the entire unit.  The bathrooms have been updated, as well, and the place looks great sporting a new coat of paint.  There is also a new washer and dryer installed in this unit.

The rent is $1,500 a month with a $1,500 security deposit. Pets are negotiable. Please contact Nick at 303-476-8454 for more information.