5 Things To Think About When Moving With Your Pet

Pets are a part of the family so it’s important to think of our furry friends when it’s time to make a move. Most perspective home buyers take the time to research highly rated schools and parks in order to find the best community for their children, why not do the same for your pets? Here are 5 ways you should consider and include your pet in the home buying process.

1. Look up local pet laws – Certain states and counties have different laws and regulations for pets so you need to be aware of any before you make a move. For example ferrets are illegal to own as pets in California, however there are plenty of other unusual pets which are legal in the state. Educate yourself on pet regulations, limitations and licensing before you make your next move. You don’t want to find out too late that your exotic bird or special dog breed isn’t allowed in your new home.

2. Find a pet friendly community – While you’re house hunting and researching things like crime rates, schools and local amenities take the time to look into places for your pet. Check for things like dog parks, reputable veterinarians and pet stores nearby. The best way to find a new veterinarian is to ask your current doc for a referral.
Beach cities are great for dog owners because they’re generally more walkable communities giving you a chance to show off your pup, plus they have dog beaches! Huntington Beach, CA is a great beach community with both a dog park and a dog beach for residents and their pets to enjoy.

3. Home space – Every home buyer should create a wish list of features and must-haves when beginning the buying process. Be sure to include pet considerations on your list. If you have a dog, your new home should have yard space to accommodate or a grassy park nearby. If you have a bird, maybe you want an extra room for them so they won’t be disturbed. If you’re relocating to a condo or town home, it’s important to look into association rules for pets. Some communities do not allow pets or have restrictions on the number of pets you can have, so be sure you research these points before you make a decision.
4. Secure moving day arrangements – Things can get crazy when moving day comes along so be sure to have your pet’s travel arrangements ready beforehand. If you’re traveling by plane, make your pet’s flying reservations at least 1 month in advance. Each airline has different regulations and rules so do your research before choosing who to fly with. Some small pets can be brought onto the plan as a carry-on but larger pets require shipping with special crates and carriers.
If you’re driving, be sure you have proper travel cases and supplies for the trip. You will need to set aside a daily portion of food, water, medications, and for rowdy dogs consider purchasing a sedative if you’ll be traveling long distances. You want your pet to be as comfortable as possible and make the move a smooth one.

5. Treat your pets – Moving to a new home is stressful so be sure to give your pets extra love and care during the process. Remember, your pet is going through the same thing as you and will be adapting to a whole new set of surroundings. Ease them into it by packing their favorite toys and belongings last so they aren’t left feeling lost in your emptying home. Also, clean and groom your pet for the big move. A fresh new look for a fresh new house will feel great!

This guest post was written by Grace Keister, Content Marketing Specialist for First Team Real Estate. First Team Real Estate is the No. 1 Real Estate Company in Southern California.