5 Uses For Your New Conservatory

Getting a new conservatory built can be a really exciting time. It can finally give you the space that you need in your home and, as your family grows, it is the perfect way to get more room without have the stress and expense of moving house. Once your conservatory is finished you can then decide how you want to use it to its best advantage. Its potential really is limitless and here are some great ideas for how to make the most out of your new conservatory.

 1.       A Home Office

Working from home is becoming a really popular option for many people. Modern technology means that you no longer need to do a long and expensive commute into work each day. You can catch up with colleagues over Skype and connect with customers on email or the internet. A conservatory can provide the perfect setting for your home office as it is both relaxing and inspiring. Make sure that you get enough sockets put in so that you can plug in computers, printers and faxes and make the most of all the natural light by placing your desk right by the windows. You won’t want to get the sun in your eyes so invest in some conservatory blinds which are pretty and practical.

2.       A Playroom For The Children

It’s lovely having children but as they get older and their toy collection grows they can start to take over the whole house! A conservatory is a fantastic way to make more room for their ever increasing toy box and it’s a great experience for them to have a space of their own to play in. Being next to the garden makes it ideal for the children when they want to run in and out on a sunny day so it’s a good idea to get a floor that is easy to clean. Laminate or wood floor means that mud can just be swept up and brushed away, and for warmth in the winter why not add a cosy rug for them to sit on. Of course great storage is an essential so invest in some lovely toy storage boxes to make tidying up easier.

3.       A T.V. Den

If you only have one T.V. in the house you’ll know that it can be a cause for many arguments about what to watch. You may be looking forward to watching your favourite drama and yet your husband wants to watch the football again. To resolve the argument you could turn your new conservatory into a futuristic T.V. Den. There will be plenty of room to install the latest wide-screen technology and surround sound. You can create the perfect space to watch sport, movies and music videos and could even add a small fridge for beer and soft drinks. You will want to be comfy so why not add some beanbags and scatter cushions for a relaxed feel.

4.       A Dining Room

What could be nicer than eating together as a family? For many households who have only had a small kitchen a conservatory offers the opportunity to have a family dining room for the first time.  If you have a large family then it’s a good idea to buy an extending dining table so that you can add extra places when the need arises. In the Summer it’s a real treat to eat with the doors flung open – almost like eating in the garden. And at night-time it can be magical to eat under the stars!

5.       A Quiet Room

Sometimes it’s just nice to have a quiet room that you can retreat to when the hustle and bustle of everyday life gets too much. With relaxing views onto the garden a conservatory makes the ultimate place to sit and reflect on your goals and dreams. All you need is a large comfy chair and a smart side table. Then you can make yourself a cup of tea and have a rest. To increase to the sense of peace and serenity you could hang some wind chimes in the doorframe and to bring nature closer it can be a great idea to hang a birdfeeder outside. Of course no T.V’s, radios or computers will be allowed!

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