6 Home Decorating Trends in 2013

A new year is upon us which means new trends in home decor. Have you been wondering what is in for 2013? Well, wait no more! Here is a list of six trends that are hot this year, ranging from the most popular colors to the room in the house that is becoming everyone’s favorite focal point:

Prints and Patterns Everywhere
According to Julie Rogowski, the Boston Design Center’s vice president and general manager, solid colors are out and prints and patterns are in for 2013. Among the most popular are animal prints but not the gaudy leopard prints you might be thinking of. No, these animals prints feature actual animals such as dogs and elephants.
Modern floral prints and fabrics are also making a comeback which can be attributed to a desire to amp up the beauty in a plain or practical home, according to House Beautiful. Stripes are also on the rise. For people who are afraid of adding patterns to their home, designers suggest starting small. Changing out the curtains or adding a couple of throw pillow to a sofa is a great way to test the idea and figure out which patterns work best with the rest of the room.

Cozy Kitchens
In an age when families are getting back to basics when it comes to food and lifestyle, it is not shocking that cozier kitchens are a huge trend in 2013. Many families are kissing their dining rooms good-bye in favor of the intimacy offered by their kitchen and breakfast areas or so says designer David Bromstad. Some ways to do this include adding bigger islands or workspaces and more comfortable seating areas and doing away with sleek, modern counters, floors and fixtures. Kitchens featuring natural and weathered-looking materials such as hardwood floors and non-matching items such as hand-painted tile counters are hot.

bottom up blinds creative commons
Top Down Blinds & Shades
Also known as bottom up blinds, they can provide style, privacy and reduce your heating bill. By being able to pull your shades down from the top of the window you can let light in while making it difficult for anyone to see into your home. Coming in multiple attractive styles including Bali, Roman and cellular these fixtures are becoming a must have in 2013.

Natural Elements

Weathered and natural elements are great for the kitchen, but according to Good Housekeeping bringing these bits of nature inside is another big trend for 2013. Wood in its natural state is popular, as is stone and rock. Both materials can be used to create furniture or architectural details such a floors, fireplaces and trim.

Bold Primary Colors
The experts on all things color at the Pantone Institute have declared emerald green the color of 2013, but designers everywhere claim that the issue of color is not that simple. While green is certainly in this year, color seems to be more about brightness and boldness than any one shade. Adding bright pops of primary colors (red, blue and yellow) to any room is a fabulous way to bring it current. Designers and homeowners are even turning to various shades of blues instead of whites, blacks and browns when the need for a neutral color arises. For fans of green who are not exactly in love with the emerald shade, try incorporating a greenish-blue or bright sea-foam green into the home.

gold decorations - creative commons
Gold and Brass
When it comes to metal, silver has reigned supreme in years past, but gold and brass are making a comeback. From accessories to furniture to architectural details, brass, which was huge in the 1970s, is one of the hottest trends of the year, according to Elle Decor. Like with patterns, homeowners may hesitate to start adding the shiny material to their homes, but experimenting with little pieces such as picture frames, end tables or lamps can provide a feel for what looks good in a room.