8 pointers to keep in mind when looking for the perfect apartment


Living in the perfect house is a dream come true. From apartment-living in high rises to owning an independent villa, the choices are many. However, the road to final acquisition is long and requires meticulous deliberation with oodles of patience. Get educated about the key points of apartment-hunting through this article.denver realestate blog

Finding the right apartment can be enjoyable or extremely stressful. From taking that initial decision to finally opening the door to your new house, it is quite a rollercoaster ride. Looking at pictures, maps, and directions to properties can be exciting, however, the groundwork of actually going to visit the colonies, questioning the owners, and assessing the neighbourhood can be quite stressful, daunting, and overwhelming. Getting the fear out of apartment-hunting is very important. Here are a few pointers on “what to do” when looking for your dream house:

  1. Question yourself: Be very clear about what you want when apartment hunting. Take time to decide the different amenities that you would want in and around your dream house. Number of bedrooms, size of the place, the floor, the location, garage space, and feasibility of keeping a pet are some of the important questions that need to be addressed before moving forward.


  1. Do not despair: “Searching” can be nerve-wracking, imagine what final “procuring” will be like. It is a daunting process riddled with despair. Somebody could beat you to your chosen apartment or a flat may not look the same as in the promotional pictures. Do not lose heart if your efforts fail to yield desired results. Keep your eye on the final prize and try again.


  1. Research is important: Going blindfolded into the fray with no prior knowledge is madness. Adequate and relevant research about the residents, locality, neighbourhood, accessibility etc. is a necessary mandate. A flat priced at a cheap rate may probably be located in a not-so-good colony. Keep your eyes and ears open and educate yourself.


  1. Make a list: After all the research it is now time to make a list of all the favourable societies and colonies. Stay organised and list data according to preference. Price, size, location, amenities etc. all need to be penned down properly. Leave room to take notes later, if required. Several real estate builders are listing properties with all such detailing on online portals. Purchasing apartments designed by leading investors become easier with proper preparation and organization.


  1. Contact property owners: Once you have zeroed down on the localities and apartments, it’s time to contact their owners. Call them up and always schedule a meeting beforehand. It is quite depressing to go owner-visiting after a hard day at work, to find them unavailable or absconding. Sometimes, listed properties stay online even after getting signed up. It is wise to conduct enquiry before going for a walkabout.


  1. Be inquisitive: Ask all the right questions when talking to the landlord. Never feel that a doubt is baseless or redundant. Age of the property, previous owners, information about renovations, maid availability, water, electricity, age of appliances, availability of utilities, responsibility of maintenance etc. are some of the major questions that must be asked.


  1. Door-to-door service: Playing detective with the landlord is not sufficient. Getting the right information about the locality, its proximity to important facilities like schools, hospitals, etc. is important as well. This can be best attained from the community dwellers or your neighbours. Walk up to them, question about everything from maid to electrician to plumber, and satisfy yourself completely before moving on.denver real estate


  1. Lease alert: After agreeing on an apartment, be very careful before signing the lease. The clauses and conditions should be meticulously read; any issues must be duly noted and raised immediately.


It is natural to be on your guard when taking on the colossal challenge of finding your dream apartment. Risks are a plenty, but there could be some surprises too. Do not be afraid to take this decision, reaching the ultimate goal of acquiring the right kind of property is going to stay with you for the rest of your life. Take a chance, jump in the fray, and enjoy the result.

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