A/C Maintenance

Tips for A/C maintenance Rochester Hills, MI residents!

Servicing the AC continuously helps in keeping the repair expenses down and also aids in better performance of the system. Just like other mechanical systems or appliances, the air conditioner requires a certain level of care to function smoothly. Fortunately, maintaining the AC is simple. If you think you want to get a professional level of A/C maintenance Rochester Hills, MI, you can call in an expert and get it performed. 

What maintenance does your A/C require?

The experts have shared easy and simple maintenance tips that every homeowner can perform on their own. 

Changing the filters:

If the filters are dirty, it kills the efficiency of the system. We recommend installing a new filter or cleaning the filter every month. It is an important step to carry out for your window and central air conditioners, especially during the hot summer season. Search for the MERV or minimum efficiency reporting value of the filter. It may vary between one and twelve for the home air conditioning units. When the number is high, it means it provides better filtration and it requires additional energy to pull through the air. 

Fix air conditioner leaks:

You can notice the ducts losing about thirty percent of airflow because of leaks. The worst part is it is challenging to seal the window air conditioning units entirely. The AC technicians determine the leaks by following the traditional smoke trick. You can approach air conditioning maintenance services Rochester Hills, MI when you are doubting about the leaks in the ducts. When there are leaks, the AC would not perform to its full efficiency, and would not keep the room humid even though the AC is switched on. 

Insulate the windows to maintain the cool air:

If you have placed the ducts in crawl spaces or hot attics, it has to be thoroughly wrapped to maintain the air within the ducts cool. The experts suggest using rigid foam insulation, batt insulation, or spray foam insulation. Ensure to seal rigid and batt insulation using the foil tape and we do not recommend duct tape. If there are tight spaces, we recommend using high-quality wraps as it helps in the high level of insulation. 

Perform annual air conditioner maintenance:

If you have installed or fixed the AC with the help of a local dealer, you should plan for an annual maintenance schedule. It is recommended to plan from the day you purchased the system. Most people think that maintenance is not recommended for new air conditioners. It is a wrong belief. When you maintain the system from day 1 by both getting professional assistance as well as DIY maintenance, you can expect a long life of your system. Schedule annual checkup before the start of the cooling season begins as you would not be using the unit for the next few months. 

Ensure that the AC maintenance plan includes the following steps:

  • Checking operating temperatures
  • Evaluating pressures and refrigerant
  • Checking safeties and controls
  • Cleaning and evaluating fans and blowers
  • Lubricating bearings and motors
  • Modifying and replacing fan belts
  • Cleaning or adding new filters
  • Cleaning and checking coils

Service the condenser or compressor:

The air condenser and compressor of the air conditioning system are situated in the outdoor area or close to the house foundation. It functions in its best form when the surrounding space does not have any branches or trees. If you have trees or plants, that is at least 24 inches away from your AC outdoor unit. Ensure to clear away hanging branches, leaves, tall grass, and nearby shrubs. 

Get airflow:

If you are shutting the entire indoor doors, there are chances for the central air conditioning units to function out of control. It means you would notice less airflow though the AC is switched on. Keep the doors slightly open when you want some privacy. 

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