AC Repair Issues

When do you require urgent AC repair Quakertown, PA?

If you are living in Quakertown, PA, where it is known for its humid and warm climate, you should give a lot of importance to cooling your business and home. If the room is not properly cooled, you have to experience an uncomfortable space, where it has possibilities of damaging the property. High temperatures and moisture result in situations that warp wood and various housing materials and increase the possibilities of mildew and mold growth. If your AC is malfunctioning in your office or home, do not delay to schedule AC repair Quakertown, PA. It aids in restoring comfort and functioning in the house. 

Common AC Issues

We have listed down the common AC issues that disturb the business and homeowners. Improper functioning is the most common AC issue that most people experience and look out for air conditioning repair services Quakertown, PA. When you switch on the air conditioner, you have to close the outside doors and windows of the house. If you have set up room air conditioners, you can isolate the group of associated rooms or that particular room from the remaining house. Some of the other common AC issues and things to look for are as follows. 

Drainage issues:

If the weather is humid outside, evaluate the condensate drain and ensure that it is not clogged up. It should drain in full flow. When the air conditioner is not mounted well, the room air conditioners would not drain properly. 

Sensor issues:

The room AC units consist of a thermostat sensor. It is situated at the back part of the control panel. It evaluates how much temperature is arriving in the evaporator coil. When the sensor moves out of position, it behaves erratically or may begin to cycle continuously. It should be close to the coil, but it would not be touching it. If you can notice this, you have to slowly bend the wire and make it in such a way it occupies its original place. If you do not feel confident about doing this, you can check with the contractor who arrived at your house for AC installation Quakertown, PA

Electric control failure:

The fan and compressor controls have chances to get damaged mainly when you turn off and, on the unit, frequently. It is common when you purchase an oversized air conditioner. It would cool the room quickly and you would be turning off and then again turn on after an hour to cool the unit. You would be doing this continuously. As a result, the electrical controls get damaged. Also, corrosion of terminals and wire results in issues in most units. It is not safe to service or repair the electrical issue on its own. Schedule for AC services Quakertown, PA, and the professional would check the electrical contacts and connections as part of the service call. 

Inadequate maintenance:

When the air conditioning coils and filters are dirty, the unit would not work efficiently. Due to this, the fans or the compressor may fail very early or in a few years of AC purchase. Always consider the air conditioner as important household equipment. Do not forget to maintain or clean thinking that it would function continuously. It is almost like a vehicle. When you care and maintain well, it will last for years. When you do not maintain it, it keeps showing signs of repair, where you have to replace it with a new unit. AC replacements are expensive. It can be avoided by doing certain small tune-ups and maintenance measures. 

Refrigerant leaks:

When the refrigerant level of the AC is low, you have to take immediate action. It may happen when it is leaking at any small point or not charged completely at installation. Most technicians check and add refrigerants to solve the issue. But it is not the way of dealing with the issue. If your technician is suggesting this step, we suggest looking out for an expert HVAC contractor. Apart from charging the unit, they have to begin the procedure by finding and closing the leak. It is how you can avoid the same issue even in the future. When you just top-up, it can happen again. American Home Comfort offers perfect solutions for all kinds of AC issues. Call 215-798-7404 to fix an appointment with the experts.