Troubleshooting Tips for AC Repair Dayton, TX!

Air conditioner plays a very important role in keeping our houses cool and comfortable. They are a lifesaver, especially during the summer days. But when the air conditioner breaks down especially during the most wanted days, it can create havoc to the inmates. 

So what can be done in this unfavored situation? The best thing to do is get help from the professional AC repair Dayton, TX

While waiting for the help, homeowners can do few simple troubleshooting tips, to get the AC start working until the help arrives. It will be very helpful, especially if your air conditioner breakdown at the dead of the night. 

Take a look at some of the best and experimented troubleshooting tips, that will help you keep going until the help arrives.

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Tips

  • Is the thermostat set properly –This would have caught you off-guard, but a simple mistake like improper thermostat setting would make the entire system malfunction. It can be because of mischievous kids or the inmates setting it accidentally wrong. Besides it is easy to forget to reset the switches if it is in heat mode. Therefore, before your panic attack starts or rush to call the experts, check out the thermostat for its right setting.
  • Are the batteries functional – When was the last time you replaced the battery? This is again the simplest thing that every homeowner forgets. The thermostat of course would malfunction, with low power or dead battery. Just get the batteries replaced with a new one, set it rightly, and see for any difference. 
  • Inspect the circuit breaker – At times, the circuit breaker trips because of overload or any other reason. If it has tripped, reset it. 
  • Check the air vents – inspect whether all the air vents and ducts are clear. If these places are loaded with dirt and dust, then there will not be proper airflow. Clean the air vents as it will solve most of the air conditioner problems. It can be because of vermin infestation or molds, that cause the air conditioner to malfunction.
  • Replace/clean the air filter – When the filter gets very dirty, there will not be proper airflow. This will in turn put a strain on the parts of the system and will lead to low efficiency. Since the air filter acts as the heart of the air conditioner, it becomes very important that it needs to be cleaned or replaced every two months. And if there are pets at home, then cleaning every month becomes a mandatory job. If there is a weak or poor airflow, clean or replace the air filter and wait for the magic to start functioning normally. But if it still gives you trouble, then get help from the AC repair services Dayton, TX

When it is Important to Call the Professionals?

As stated earlier, whenever there is an issue with the AC, the best thing is to leave the job to the experts. There is nothing much homeowners can do other than inspecting and cleaning. However, there are times and signs you must look out for, where calling the professionals immediately is the only option. Take a look at some of them below.

  • Strange or Unfamiliar Noise – Clanging, loud banging, squeaking, etc. are not normal, indicating the system is going through trouble. It can mean that some of the inner parts need immediate attention, if not repaired at the earliest, which can lead to expensive repairs or replacements. 
  • Problem with Outdoor Unit – This is something only a professional can handle. If there is any problem with the outdoor unit, never attempt to repair it, as it can damage the parts and void the warranty. Replacing the batteries and changing the air filters are fine, but other than that, it is a complete NO. 
  • Improper AC Installation – An improperly installed air conditioner will bring many problems and will not operate properly. Its efficiency will be low and will surprise you with unexpectedly high bills. If you feel your air conditioner needs proper installation, then trust none but the experts.

If you are experiencing any of the above situations, then the only option you are left with is to contact the highly experienced and trained professionals of Ainsworth & Co. They are your reliable help, where they can be reached by calling (281) 519-2296.