Denver HUD Brokers

House Calls Realty currently provides 3 qualified HUD brokers in Denver to serve you.

John Hall is our Aurora HUD agent. He has been investing in the Aurora real estate area for quite some time and currently resides in the vicinity.  He is even bidding on a condo near the hospital this week! Continue reading “Denver HUD Brokers”

Advantages of A Low Commission Realtor

 There are generally three options for homeowners when they reach the point of selling their homes. They can sell them themselves, they can look toward low commission realtors, and they can go for full service regular real estate agents.

 While many homeowners either decide to try and sell their homes without help or go all the way toward full service realtors, the more moderate choice is the low commission realtor, and a number of homeowners have begun to explore this option in recent years. The advantages of this choice will be discussed in detail below. Continue reading “Advantages of A Low Commission Realtor”

Things to look at when buying windows

First of all when you’re thinking about buying new windows for your home you will need to ask yourself what type of windows you want. This refers not only to the materials but to the designs too; if possible visit a showroom and test the windows yourself. Open and close them, look at the way their locks work and figure out which ones you like best. Windows open in all sorts of different ways and are suited to all sorts of different people; you will be happier long term if you know you have selected a window style that you like. Continue reading “Things to look at when buying windows”

Take These Terrific Tips for Finding a Fabulous Flat

House prices are still ridiculously high and banks are tightening up their lending, meaning that getting on the property ladder is more of a challenge than ever. Renting a place to live gives you your own space without having to be tied to a mortgage; however it can take quite a bit of work to find the right place to rent for the right price. Continue reading “Take These Terrific Tips for Finding a Fabulous Flat”