7 Must-Have Modern Bathroom Electronics

Technology has made its way into our daily lives and there’s no stopping it. Home owners are pimping up their kitchen with ultramodern appliances, tricking out living rooms with futuristic home theater systems, and installing remote-controlled gates and garage doors like there’s no tomorrow. Whether its laziness or just the thrill of pushing buttons, one thing is certain, the demand for technology is soaring and will continuously invade even our most private dwelling places. Continue reading “7 Must-Have Modern Bathroom Electronics”


Choosing the right colour for a room is crucial for creating an impact.  Not only this, the choice of colour can relate to the temperatures felt and may vary from warmth to a cooler effect. Medical science too proves that the health and moods are affected by the overall surroundings in which a man lives that include the colour on your walls.   Following are the three things that are a must to do when planning to paint the room. Continue reading “CHOOSE THE RIGHT COLOURS FOR THE RIGHT IMPRESSION”