Loving Your Lawn: 4 Spring Tips for a Lush Summer Lawn


After a dreary winter, it’s perfectly natural to get excited when the weather begins warming up and you anticipate all of the green that will be returning to the landscape. In addition to the blooming trees that will be putting out their new little leaves, your lawn should be coming back to life after a fairly dormant winter. You have to do your part as well to give your lawn the best chance for being healthy and lush this summer.

1. Apply Weed Control: Spring is when weeds really take root, so try to catch them before they become established. They’re competing with your weak winter lawn for valuable resources, but if you kill the weeds right away, your lawn will be able to thrive weed-free. Apply the weed control product of your choice according to the instructions on the package, being careful to not use more than that because it may hurt your grass as well if there’s too much in the soil. Continue reading “Loving Your Lawn: 4 Spring Tips for a Lush Summer Lawn”