Bring a Splash of Life to Your Home with Easy Weekend Summer Projects


Home design seems to be an ongoing project for most people, especially if you make seasonal decor changes. This summer, choose a few weekend projects that will change the look of your home for several months or even long term. Use the following ideas for inspiration as you plan your upcoming projects.

Transform Your Fireplace for Summer: Your fireplace probably won’t be the most utilized object this summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave it sitting stagnant. Clean out the inside and add some pillar candles in hurricane vases so you can still light a little fire on those cool summer nights. Then hit the flea markets or your favorite trendy store and pick up some new items to decorate your mantel. Look for bright, quirky pieces that fit the theme of the room to give it a unified look.

Add Bright Trim: A home that’s been looking drab can spring to life if you paint your trim a bright color. Instead of the traditional white or off white, try a bold red, a jungle green or a royal blue. A quart of paint will easily transform a room, and if you have a high-quality angled paintbrush and a steady hand, you won’t even have to bother with the hassle of painter’s tape.

Build a New Headboard: One of the easiest ways to transform the look of your bedroom is to create a new headboard. You can find hundreds of free designs online in a wide range of styles that are sure to suit your tastes. If you work well with wood, create a classic wood headboard with the help of a cheap cordless drill and wood screws, and put a coat of paint on the headboard for a modern look. Another idea is to create a vintage-inspired, tufted fabric headboard that will definitely be the focal point of your bedroom.

Create a Bookshelf Backdrop: Give new life to an old bookshelf by painting it, but not just in one color. Instead, leave most of the bookshelf in a neutral color, but paint a brighter hue on the back wall. This technique will allow your bright color to peek out from behind the books and decorations. This is a surprising look but with the right color it can perfectly accent your home.

Add Graphic Wallpaper: Although you may think of hideous floral designs from your grandmother’s home when you imagine wallpaper, today’s options are much more appealing. A bold graphic design quickly transforms the look of a room, and it’s perfect for places like a dining room with a modern table and chairs. In one weekend, it’s possible to install wallpaper, so pick a design you love and get to work!

The key takeaway from these projects is to go for big impact without big cost. Adding large items or large swaths of color to your home decor will completely change the look of a room without affecting your budget. Plus, if you’re unsatisfied with a quick fix, it’ll be easy to change if you decide you want something new!