5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Eco Friendly Agent

1. Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent

Searching for a home is a complex and confusing process even if you have been through it before. Therefore, you need a Colorado real estate agent who is going to be there for you each step of the way. You will not be able to find a home that is right for you unless you have someone representing you who will be a true advocate.

2.  Find Someone Who Wants What You Want

Your real estate agent should only be showing you homes that fit your criteria. After all, you are the one who will be paying $100,000 or more on this next purchase. Do not let your real estate agent decide what homes to look at. Most home buyers are looking for specific features within their home. Your agent should be able to show you properties that only have those characteristics.

3.  Choose Someone Who Understands The Process Of Buying A House

Buying a house isn’t as easy as buying a loaf of bread. You have to have a lot of paperwork ready, make an offer and then patiently wait until the deal officially closes. During that process, there is a lot of negotiation, competition to have that offer accepted and many other hoops to jump through. Your agent should be able to be honest and upfront with you through it all.

Eco - Friendly Brokers

4.  Work With Someone Who You Can Build A Relationship With

There may be several Colorado real estate deals in your future. Therefore, you want to work with an agent who you can turn to in the future. Finding and purchasing a quality property will be as easy as a phone call to your agent once you build that rapport. When it comes time to sell the property, you may even be able to save some money on his or her commission.

5.  Does This Person Understand Green Principles

If you asked your agent to find you an eco-friendly home, would this person know what you are talking about? To some homeowners, it is very important that the environment is not trampled on in favor of a hot tub that gobbles up water and electricity. If you seek an eco-friendly home, you should find an agent who understands what that entails. Otherwise, you may be working with someone who does not fit any of the other criteria listed above.

Don’t settle for a Colorado real estate agent just because they have a great ad in the paper. Be sure to do your homework before choosing someone to go through the home buying process with. Working with someone who doesn’t have your interests in mind will simply put you in a position where you don’t find a home that you truly enjoy living in.

Please contact us to tour eco-friendly homes in the Denver, Colorado area and thank you for reading our blog. House Calls Realty loves being green!

Colorado Green Real Estate

Littleton Real Estate Marketing Challenges

The biggest challenge in marketing my Littleton Colorado Real Estate business, House Calls Realty, has been reaching customers online. Search engine optimization has gotten much more complicated and time consuming in recent years. Ten years ago you could cloak, word stuff and join junk directories to your hearts content and get praised from the search engines. Black hat techniques like that will only get you banned by Google today.
You can spend countless hours creating a killer website and blogging your heart out every week, but if no body sees it, all that effort does very little to make the phone ring. In recent years Colorado real estate slowed to a halt.  I realized that the slow market was a great time for some aggressive education enhancement. I decided to get certified in SEO. It seemed like my old tactics were in effective and I needed to figure out what is working these days. After certification, I proceeded to attain a full time position honing the skills necessary to optimize websites professionally. I think that most people are under the impression that search engine optimization is pretty simple. They think it is like the yellow pages, run your ad and wait for the phone to ring, but in a highly competitive arena like the Colorado real estate market you can forget that approach.
You have to fight every day for your position on Google. As a current SEO professional I now realize that I was in the most competitive SEO industry out there. No wonder I was frustrated, I was doing in house SEO and was struggling. The most competitive SEO industries I have noticed so far are photography, real estate and auto sales. Surprisingly dentists and chiropractors are pretty SEO savvy as well. Looking back I would suggest that every small business owner just bite the bullet and higher a professional SEO company. The amount of time and expertise involved is no longer an effective or efficient do it your self proposition.

Wynetka Ponds Bark Park

Bow Mar Heights has an excellent dog park called Wynetka Ponds.  Here is a map to the Bark Park. When going to the park it is good to know that the parking lot is on Lowell, not Bowles, and you have a little bit of a walk before you get to the dog park. Once you know though, it’s not a hassle.

There are two sides to the dog park so that when one side is overly used, it can revegitate while everyone plays on the other side. The whole area is pretty well maintained, although a few big trees would be nice for shade. It’s also great that, like most dog parks, it has a double entrance gate to make it that much harder for any dogs to sneak out on accident.

Each side features a 3-tier water fountain – one near ground level for the tiny dogs, one for medium size dogs, and one for the Great Danes to bend down to (or for medium dogs to stand up and stick their head in, as mine does!). The tallest fountain might also be for humans, but use at your own risk – I’ve seen at least 3 dogs lick the fountain head, just sayin’! There is a fire hydrant in each side of the park also. What could make a dog happier?

“This is one of those good calls on a warm Saturday morning. There was not a frown in the house. It felt like there was 100 dogs there but in reality there must have been 20 dogs there. I love this park it is very friendly. There is a nice pond for your pooch to take a dip in,  if he’s part otter. Love, Laugh, Bark.” -NB on Yelp


Discover Bow Mar Heights!

The Town of Bow Mar is located between Bowles Lake and Marston Reservoir in Southwest Denver. According to the Town of Bow Mar’s website. “The first home was built in 1947 on land developed by Lloyd and Eleanor King. The Town of Bow Mar, Colorado was incorporated in 1958.”
“There are just over 300 single-family homes in Bow Mar on acre-sized lots, many with spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains foothills. Despite being only 12 miles from downtown Denver, there is a strong sense of community more akin to rural living.”
“Bow Mar’s centerpiece is Bowles Lake or “Bow Mar” Lake, as it’s come to be called. Sailing, swimming, fishing, picnicking and skating provide year-round recreation for residents.”
Bow Mar Heights contains gorgeous homes on large lots. You know what else I love about Bow Mar Heights? No HOA fees! No HOA Fees are attractive for baby boomers nearing retirement or anybody else desiring to stretch their incomes. This is also attractive to Denver Real Estate Investors or new home buyers desiring to avoid HOA fees, making the homes in the area easier to sell once the time comes.

Before picking a place in Denver. You owe it to yourself to call and see a house or two in Bow Mar. You should consider the southwest sub-division of Bow Mar Heights, bordered by Quincy on the north, South Sheridan to the West, Lowell Boulevard, to the East and Union Avenue on the North.  This community is well established and has the added bonus of backing to the prestigious town of Bow Mar where, come summertime, you can take walks or ride your bikes while enjoying a country-like setting.  You’ll also find two expansive parks, Pinehurst and Bow Mar, which are delightful places to enjoy a summertime picnic.  There is a wonderful Dog Park right on the corner of Bowles and Lowell if you have a pooch as well. The Park is called Wynetka Ponds and it is by far the best place to let your dog run in the area.

Bow Mar Heights is only 8 miles to Downtown Denver, 4 miles to Littleton Lightrail, Englewood Lightrails and SouthWest Plaza Mall.   If you’re headed to the mountains, Hampden Avenue’s (Hwy. 285) close proximity conveniently links quickly to the C470/ I70 corridor.  The community is located in the City and County of Denver, which boasts the lowest property tax of any of the non-Denver County Metro suburbs, again putting more bread in your pocket.

Take a drive around this neighborhood, and you’ll discover that the residents take pride in their homes and yards.

Call us to see what’s currently available in Bow Mar Heights.  Contact me Nicholas Bowman at  303-476-8454 or email me at housecallsrealty@gmail.com to arrange a showing.  I am intimately familiar with this neighborhood as I’ve resided here for years.  I’d love to share the details of the area and answer further questions you have about Bow Mar Heights. Remember! We make House Calls!