Choosing the right colour for a room is crucial for creating an impact.  Not only this, the choice of colour can relate to the temperatures felt and may vary from warmth to a cooler effect. Medical science too proves that the health and moods are affected by the overall surroundings in which a man lives that include the colour on your walls.   Following are the three things that are a must to do when planning to paint the room.

BRIGHTEN UP:  You must illuminate the dark areas of the room.  Check for the corners where there is less light.  The colour you choose for the walls should in no way create a dark and over powering room, rather a light and welcoming effect should be the target.

CREATE THE DRAMA: You do not want the room to look dull and boring.  Create some drama by making it look romantic or mysterious by adding textures in the room.  A combination of dark and light colours can give you the desired results.

ADD ENERGY:  Make the room a happening place by adding an accent wall or add a special frame or a fire-place.  This allows elements of energy into the room by making the room special.

THE HUES:  Do not follow the general rules that say greens are refreshing, blues are soothing and reds are energizing; this does not hold true for all the hues of the colour.  Picking up royal blue for the wall can look empowering, reds can increase the temperatures if painted in a small room and the wrong shade of greens can look dull.  Be careful of exactly what you want to do in the room for the right impression.

THE DYNAMICS OF THE ROOM:  What is the size of the room?  Is the room with many windows where light comes in during the day?  One can easily experiment even darker shades when painting a larger room as compared to a small room.  For a small room follow the earth tones or pastel to make it look big.  Create an accent wall on the far away wall in a rectangular room to give it some width.  The roofs should be painted in a tone lighter than the walls.  This makes the roof appear far off providing space in the room.

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