Denver Downsizing Help

So my parents have lived in Black Forest, Colorado for the last 20 years and are getting tired of the upkeep of their 2.5 acre property. The winters bring three foot drifts of snow to the doorstep and the meadow needs mowing all summer, at 70 it’s just time to move closer back to town.  Last April we found a house built in the 80’s on a nice large lot closer to town, it just needed some cosmetic work, it was perfect, they bought it.

They have an unusual amount of stuff. A lot of it is rare weird items that you just could not find any where even if you tried, old railroad lanterns, irons actually made of iron, caste iron stoves, ice cream makers, I feel like I am on American Pickers when I go up in their attic. Most of the stuff is actually quite cool but obsolete and really heavy.

Denver Downsizing Help
Rat Rod Pieces

We already got rid of a bunch of stuff, on craigslist.  Parked out in the woods was a 1941 Dump truck, a 1952 chevy, and my truck bed trailer, get the picture?


They inherited a lot of things from both of their parents and have had a difficult time parting with things. They have built some huge outbuildings to store things and they have filled them up over the last 25 years. I have two sisters and we all have stuff in the barns, that we don’t want in our own homes, but can’t quite decide to get rid of….we are part of the problem.  What are we going to do? We bought them a house closer to town and need to get rid of a literal semi truck load of stuff!

Denver Downsizing Help
Denver Downsizing Help

We interviewed a few auction houses in the Colorado Springs area but have decided to use Corbett’s Denver Auction House near Santa Fe and Belleview for the most unusual, quirky, and valuable items. Corbett’s has a great following and should be able to liquidate the rare and more valuable antiques that we uncovered in the attic. I have been to quite a few of their auctions, every Sunday 10-5ish, and it’s always standing room only.  There are regular people like myself and there are seasoned antique dealers in the crowd.

Anyway, I just delivered the rat rod rolling chasiss and it goes up for auction this Sunday!  It is a no reserve auction and I am excited to see what this stuff sells for.

I also dropped off some antique doll furniture, some old toy train stuff, and an old yard water pump.  They charge a fee for their efforts, but I think they will get much more money than I could on my own, listing things on craigslist or having a garage sale.


Author: Nicholas Bowman

is a father, a Denver Real Estate Broker and an inbound marketer that is addicted to Wordpress and search engine optimization.