Colorado HUD Brokers

House Calls Realty currently provides 3 qualified HUD brokers in Denver to serve you.

John Hall is our Aurora HUD agent. He has been investing in the Aurora real estate area for quite some time and currently resides in the vicinity.  He is even bidding on a condo near the hospital this week!

Justin Boehm is our Lakewood HUD agent and has sold many HUD homes in Lakewood and Denver metro recently.  He even purchased one personally in the downtown capital hill area which he has fully remodeled into a gem.

Nicholas Bowman is our Denver HUD broker who has sold HUD homes in Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, and even bought one to live in, in the lower Bow Mar Heights subdivision. The Bow Mar Heights real estate was attractive because of it’s location in southwest Denver and it charm. He was drawn to the quick access to the mountains and light rail system available near Bow Mar Heights.

The prices of HUD are usually about 10% below market, but they almost always require paint and carpet. The nice thing about that is you can gain some sweat equity and customize the finishes of your new house.

I think the best way to proceed if you are interested in HUD foreclosure deals is to contact us through the dream home finder. Just mention that you are interested in HUDs, give us a cross street or address and we will dial in the scouting software. Jack the info retriever will enter your targeted radius and automatically email you the HUD foreclosures as they come on the radar. It’s actually a pretty neat system. We can scout for you and you can receive emails every Wednesday or monthly or as frequently or in frequently as you like. I would recommend Tuesdays and Thursdays or Monday Wednesday, Friday something like that, just to keep your eye on the area you are focusing on with out feeling swamped or spammed out.  (If you ever want to discontinue the service just let us know and it will be stopped.)

When you see a HUD home you are interested in just contact one of us and we will meet you over there to take a closer look. We all love looking at property so never hesitate asking even if it’s a weird time. We have assembled a great team so if your agent is on vacation or unavailable we can usually get the door open at your convenience anyway.  We have all shown property in snow storms, 101 degree heat and even late at night. We realize you are busy and we will work around your schedule.

Thanks for checking out our blog and I hope to hear from you soon,

House Calls Realty