Take These Terrific Tips for Finding a Fabulous Flat

House prices are still ridiculously high and banks are tightening up their lending, meaning that getting on the property ladder is more of a challenge than ever. Renting a place to live gives you your own space without having to be tied to a mortgage; however it can take quite a bit of work to find the right place to rent for the right price.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for a flat to rent so that you can find a place to call home without having to spend a fortune.

  • The first step is to have a budget in mind based on what you can afford. Make sure that you are factoring in all of the other monthly expenses such as utility bills, mobile phone bills, Internet and council tax.
  • The next step is to have an idea in your head as to what you need and want from your property. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? Do you already have furniture or are you looking for something furnished?
  • Do some research into the different areas where you might consider living and examine factors such as how far away they are from your work, the availability of public transit, the surrounding amenities, the overall feeling of the neighbourhood and (if you have children) the quality of schools and playgrounds in the area.
  • Use the Internet to your full advantage to find a great price on a property. You can use online property websites to help you compare rent prices and find the best deal. You can also use social media sites and online classifieds to find people in your local area who might have a place to rent out.
  • Check the rental listings every day. When you see a property at a great price, call right away! If it is a great deal, it will not be around for very long and if you are the first person to view it then you might be able to get it before anyone else.
  • Think outside the box when it comes to where you live, because sometimes you can find a much cheaper property in a different area slightly out of town. A 15 or 20 minute public transport ride might be worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds in rent every year.

These are just a few tips that you can keep in mind for finding the best flat for the right price.

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