Get Free 1099 Tax Forms Mailed to You For Free!

I got a call from a client yesterday with a CPA wanting a 1099 reporting how much income she received from her property last year. I haven’t really reported that before because I just started the property management gig and I give them a profit and loss spreadsheet every year that explains the entire income and expenses. But maybe I’m supposed too?

So this morning I woke up and decided I better figure out how to get my hands on these 1099 forms so I can report someone else’s income. I called the library and they were closed 🙁  rumor has it sometimes they have at least 1040s but I’m not sure they have the 1099s I’m looking for anyway.

I then googled “free tax forms Denver” and found nothing. I googled “free tax forms” I googled “free tax forms near me” then I started reading the blogs about the fact that you can’t find free tax forms anywhere anymore and people are driving from city to city apparently in search of these snipes…I started to get nervous…. someone suggested that maybe the libraries are getting charged for the forms so they are no longer carrying them.  I did find them for sale at Office Depot but I don’t need 40 forms for 20 bucks so in order to make a long story longer at least I found this link to free tax forms that will be mailed to you for free.  If you click it will direct you to a page with a million and one forms on it from 2017 and 2018.  You simply fill in the box with the number of forms you would like the IRS to mail to you.  I don’t know why there are 1000 different forms to choose from, I always just picked 1099 miscellaneous because I figure it’s miscellaneous so it should cover all the bases.

Uncle Sam has not made it very easy to find this link probably by design or possibly incompetence but I finally found it so click on it!