How to Get Your House Ready to Sell

Properly preparing your home to go on the market can become overwhelming.  Using a thorough checklist will help guide you through this process, making getting your home ready to sell bearable and organized.  By putting the time and effort into preparing your property to sell, you are sure to reap the rewards of finding the perfect buyer.

They say a good first impression is everything!  Don’t forget to pay attention to the curb appeal of your property; this is your best chance to give buyers an easy feeling before they even enter your home.

Home Exterior Checklist:

__Exterior Inspection

It is crucial to inspect the exterior of your home and create a list of items that need attention. Try to look at your home through the eyes of a buyer; if it would bother you it will bother them.  As the home owner it is easy to overlook small items on a day to day basis that need repair, but to a potential buyer those small items add up to be a big deal. Create a list of both aesthetic and functional items that need attention.                                   

__Schedule and Do!

Now it is time to get to work! Of the items that made your list, schedule time each week to tackle either one of the larger repair projects or a few of the smaller projects.  By scheduling time for each individual projects, your list will be completed faster than you would have expected.  Be sure to get your family or friends involved in the project; many hands make a light load!

__ Continue lawn care maintenance.

When you are ready to leave a property, it is easy to cut corners and let your lawn maintenance suffer. The right kind of buyers will be paying attention to the details and a well maintained yard will give them peace of mind that you, as the property owner, have cared for the details as well.  Be sure to continue your lawn service until your home is sold!

__ Update your Gardens.

Once the exterior is cleaned up, it is time to add color and charm with fresh and maintained gardens. Small gardens around the entrance areas and the mail box are the best places to showcase seasonal flowers and create a welcoming environment for potential buyers.

Now that you have created the best first impression possible, it’s time to continue those great feelings as your buyers enter and circulate through the home.

Home Interior Checklist:

__De-clutter all areas

Clutter causes a sense of uneasiness for buyers.  Don’t make your buyers have to work too hard to imagine a clean space. If you are living in the home while attempting to sell, this can be difficult but do your best to simplify by removing anything that you do not use on a daily basis. This also refers to personalized items that are specific to your family (i.e. family vacation photos). The point is to create a generic, inviting atmosphere so the potential buyer can imagine themselves living in the space.

__Set the Stage

This process requires you to spend time in the buyer’s shoes. Take time to give each room in your home a close look and determine the best room arrangement. Important elements to keep in mind are traffic flow and aesthetics.  Make it easy for your guests to move around each space; arrange the furniture as to make these spaces feel large and welcoming.

__Clean, Dust and Scrub!

Thoroughly clean your home! This process may take a few days to get everything cleaned properly but is necessary. Clean in nooks and corners where no one goes as well as your most used areas of your home. Having a clean home for showing lets the potential buyers know that you care about the house and that it has been taken care of throughout the time you have lived there.

__Inspect and Repair 

The interior home inspection and repair is something to complete toward the end of the preparation process unless there is a major repair needed. Make a list of these small projects and tackle them one at a time until they are complete. Many of these projects will not stop your home from being shown to potential buyers.


This article was written exclusively for House Calls Realty by All Turf Inc., a fully licensed lawn care maintenance provider.  All Turf’s lawn care programs have been helping people maintain a beautiful home exterior for over 20 years.