How to get your next job in the construction industry

With the EU opening its borders many new homes are needed to accommodate for our expanding population plus a new rail line set to cost £33+ billion has recently been approved, so perhaps there has never been a better time to look into what construction jobs may be out there.


You may think that construction jobs are for low skilled manual workers, but the reality is that highly skilled, educated individuals are needed to bring construction projects to life. Most jobs require skilled engineers, project managers, team leaders, architects and developers with talent and experience.


If you are looking for a career in the construction industry, then take a look at the types of jobs available and consider how your experience and skills could work in your favour.


Construction management: Architects, Designers, Developers, Health and Safety officers

Construction projects always begin with a brief from the project owner. They will employ a team of developers to construct a plan alongside architects and designers who will work devise the layout of the development using the best use of the space available. Engineers will be brought in to assess the feasibility of the plans and Health and Safety Managers will ensure that every box is ticked.


Project manager / Project Engineer

Once the plan is approved, a Project Manager or Project Engineer will usually take control of the communication between the Client and the Construction Manager to ensure that everything runs on time and within budget, resolving any issues between partners or employees. The Project Manager or Project Engineer needs to have excellent people management skills and an ability to multi-task. A formal degree in engineering or construction is also usually required.


Construction Manager

A Construction Manager will work closely with the Project Manager or Project Engineer, reporting to them regularly about the day-to-day progress of the build. Construction Managers will take control of the construction team on the ground, with regular site meetings to keep the construction team focused and motivated.


Building inspectors

A building inspector would review construction plans, issue permits and inspect building sites to ensure they meet safety regulation. Towards the end of a constructor project, a Building Inspector is often brought in to ensure the site is safe for the public.


Getting your first job in the construction industry

If you don’t have ample experience or qualifications, then a good place to start your career in the construction industry could be to begin as a labourer or a painter, or if you have an apprenticeship then this may open doors to step in as an electrician or a plumber and build your career up from there. You could go on to become the project foreman, who manages the other workers and handles the paperwork.


With so many different jobs available in the construction industry there is bound to be one for you. So open your mind and take a look, perhaps your dream job is just a few clicks away.


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