Making a Room Colorful and Beautiful with Throw Pillows

The versatility of throw pillows is well known in lighting up a room.

The great thing about pillows is that you can use a range of fabric materials in different colors and yet attain a very clean and luxurious design. Up to 18” inch, four square pillows can be accommodated by a standard sofa. Basic arrangement calls for two pillows to be positioned in the front, while another two sits points up in the back. In addition, pillows arranged points up can absolutely lead the eye upward to lessen the impact of heavy furniture.

In terms of matching design, the front pillows can take after the fabric of the sofa and the other two at the back taking a contrast accent color. Another great idea for the back pillows is to follow the fabric of a nearby chair or even the chair fabric of the dining room in a bid to have a great combination between living and dining rooms.

You can have a balanced sofa arrangement by layering the pillows with a unique contrasting shape. This may include rectangular, decorated pillows that have been hand embroidered as well as a triangular item and a bowling-ball size. To conform to a season, you can also opt to slipcover the pillows with the of room accessories. Summer months can make way for cotton or raw silk cotton slipcovers. Pillows in velvet color can help warm up a room during winter months.

And for some, pillows can bring in the sophisticated look they want even on their bed. Instead of using a headboard, two European square pillows can be placed behind in addition to a long bolster at the back of standard pillows.

…and Candles

As decors, candles are famous.

You can arrange beeswax candles in a group of three various sizes on a coffee table. Supporting a new season is never a problem when you have candles. The secret lies on ensuring the room color remains consistent.

You also need to change your candle selection as you replace your art and other accessories in a room. So during Christmastime, you can go all red or green. Summer can usher in pale pink or pale aqua, while the color bronze or marigold fits the fall season more. For an all-year round color accent, you can place ecru and white candles to have a classic look.

The great thing about candles is that you can purchase them in different scents. Thus, you can definitely introduce a sensual facet in a room through scented candles. But don’t forget to lighting them up in the kitchen or dining area once you are done with your meal as the candles’ scent can confuse your food taste.

A room will always remain beautiful and restful so long as you have the right decorative elements. Throw pillows and candles are the perfect choices in helping you achieve the coziness that you want in a room. So sit comfortably surrounded by lovely throw pillows that match your room’s overall design, and, yes, you can light up some candles as well.

Maria Samuels loves to read books in her beautifully designed living room. She is materials specialist at In Style Modern, a ghost chair reproduction company known for its stylish hanging egg chairs, acrylic ghost chairs and philippe starck ghost chairs.