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The Washington Park neighborhood centers around one of Denver’s finest parks, commonly known as Wash Park for short, or WAP if your really cool, (just kidding;)

This gorgeous park covers 164 acres, and features one the most popular jogging trails in all of Denver.   The park centers around two scenic lakes,

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OK… ponds, teaming with wild life.  You will see Bass in the lake, and all sorts of ducks

washington park, denver, co
washington park, denver, co

and plenty of geese.

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Washington Park Houses Geese

The city’s largest flower garden also adds to Wash Park’s country charm.

Wash Park Home Search
Wash Park Gardens

Don’t just take my word for it, this eloquent review will testify:

“As a relatively new Denver resident, Wash Park is crucial to my happiness here.  Even though Denver lacks beaches like San Francisco or even Chicago’s Lakeshore, it gives the same vibe that I love.

These are excuses I find to go to Wash Park:

-To walk the dog.

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Wash Park Volleyball

-To play volleyball

-To go for a jog

-To drink copious amounts on a sunny day

-To have picnics at sunset

Wash Park makes me happy!”

*I stole this excellent comment from Yelp here.

The Wash Park neighborhood encompasses the park’s borders roughly from Downing St. to University Blvd. The neighborhood is bounded by Cherry Creek Dr. to the north and I-25 to the south.