Nourison rugs – Comprehensive, remarkable and good color palette

Ever since 1980, Nourison rugs have set high standards of exquisiteness for the entire rug market; with the Nourison brand being the world leader in the manufacturing as well as import of handmade rugs, and the company also having created several highly accepted powerloom collections. Nourison has a comprehensive collection of area rugs as well as accent rugs, which boast superb quality, and remarkably accentuate the area in which they have been spread. Available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and styles, Nourison rugs have a good color palette, with all kinds of colors to go with different home decoration ideas.Nourison Parallels PR10 Multi Rug-M

Nourison rugs add elegance to home décor: The elegance exuded by Nourison rugs not only adds to the home décor, but also gives the feeling that these rugs are apparently the perfect for every home. These ultra chic rugs make a distinct style statement in any home, and are simply matchless when it comes to giving an attractive edge to any room. Fairly easy to take care of, even after day-to-day use, Nourison rugs can be used in the living room, kitchen or family room; with different sizes to fit different requirements, and their availability in round, oval and octagon shapes to highlight a particular area of the house. What makes Nourison rugs even more remarkable is the fact that they come in traditional, contemporary, sporty and transitional designs; thereby forming an ideal floor-furnishing option, especially when you are planning to give your home a makeover

Nourison rugs are made of the highest quality wool and premium natural fibers: With the best quality of wool and the finest natural fibers used for making Nourison rugs, you can rest assured that these rugs are splendid pieces, in a number of textures and designs. The elegance and appeal of Nourison rugs lies in the high-quality materials – wool, nylon or silk fibers – used for making these rugs; giving them a beauty that lasts even after years of use. Another noteworthy thing about the Nourison label is that if, in the rarest of rare cases, you cannot find a rug which fits with your home décor, the company creates a special custom rug to suit your specific needs.

Nourison label guarantees long-term durability of rugs: Nourison rugs are a superlative amalgamation of craftsmanship, magnificence, and value; and carry the guarantee of durability over the long term. Each Nourison rug is created in such a manner that it appears a unique and versatile piece; be it a Tibetan weave, or the patented Nourmak flat weave or a handmade design. The Nourison label which comes with each rug is a mark of outstanding quality and exceptional style. With each of the Nourison rugs being a hand-sewn and hand-serged piece of art, the beauty and durability of these rugs largely results from the fact that they are woven into the last.

Nourison rugs are essentially designer rugs that they are an extremely gorgeous alternative to the difficult-to-maintain heavy carpets; and their popularity as home décor enhancers has made them a much sought-after carpeting option which can revamp the ambience of any home!