Placing A Water Feature in Your Garden

Gardening is an interesting hobby in which a person wishes to engage himself between plants and flowers. A garden is a perfect place for recreation. A garden is good enough but adding one more feature would make it outstanding. Water features are great additions and compliment any garden. The water feature is one of the favourites among the many added features by home owners.

Water features such as ponds fountains are one of the most popular style of water gardening. Water feature makes a garden alive and add relaxing environment. It adds new dimensions of light and sound to your backyard. But there are several things you need to consider before picking fountain for your garden. Almost any garden Whether small or large can have the pleasure of a water feature with a little planning. Placing a water feature in your garden offers many benefits apart from improving beauty. It attracts wildlife during the dry season. Water features provide new areas of plants for gardeners to grow such as water lilies, lotus and colourful sedges and reeds. Water features are available ranging from a small musical fountain to impressive in ground ponds. Now Let’s discuss how to install a water feature in your garden:

Decide first, Whether you need circulating water or not. If yes, then it needs a special water circulating pump to install a water fountain. This process consumes less water else your water fountain will need a place to flow.

If you’re building the water feature in your lawn, you’ll need to waterproof the fountain. And need to line it with pond liner.

Attach the vinyl tubes to the pump and place it inside the water feature. Water will come out wherever the tube ends. This will change the sound of water flow.

Fill water in the fountain and remember that the pump should always be submerged in water.

Install your water fountain and landscape it. Now you can place plants around the fountain, so that it can give the feeling of an outdoor stream.

However, you need proper and careful planning if you wish to add a water feature in your garden. Proper planning and careful analysis will help you to have a water feature that suits to your garden and budget and the time you can give them for caring. Choosing the right water feature for your garden is quite challenging as there are many types of water features but the technique for installation and maintenance differs. It is important to choose the right place in your yard for placing a fountain so that future problems can be avoided. Planning ahead will work and figure out which fountain will be better and where to place the water feature. The ideal location to place a water feature is somewhere in the garden that gets moderate sunshine. Too much sun can fade the look of water fountain, evaporates water and increase the growth of bacteria.

Placing the water feature in the centre of the garden may be your dream, but sometimes it doesn’t work out because of changing weather conditions. Hence make sure to consider the overall look of your garden prior to purchasing and placing a water feature. So that you can end up with a new enhanced look for your garden.