REcolorado (Denver MLS)-IRES (Colorado Springs MLS) Merger Talks End Again!

REcolorado (Denver MLS)-IRES (Colorado Springs MLS) Merger Talks End Again! and the only people getting hurt are the agents and consumers. Unfortunately, I have reported this before.  The front range Colorado MLS bureaucracy is still power hungry.  As I have dealt with both MLS over the years I can say with certainty that the Denver MLS is better in every way.  The Denver MLS does not require you to be a member of any outrageously expensive and ineffective Realtor Association.  They do not require you to pay for their special every expensive lock boxes with additional monthly fees.  They answer the phone and respect the agents.  I can’t say any of those things about the Colorado Springs MLS.

Anyway, here is the email I received from the Denver MLS this morning regarding the issue.

“We are disappointed to report that REcolorado and IRES have terminated merger negotiations.

For more than a year, the managements, Boards of Directors, and shareholders/members of both REcolorado and IRES have tried to move forward with a potential merger of the two MLS organizations. The parties could not reach agreement on a number of key terms. We appreciate the deep involvement of the shareholder/member associations of both REcolorado and IRES, and are not ruling out future discussions.”
The bottom line is agents from Castle Rock to Monument Hill continue to be forced to pay both MLS companies to advertise their listings in order to correctly market homes along the front range.