Increase your Home’s Value with a Bathroom Worthy of a Showroom

In the real estate world you’ll hear the common refrain of ‘location, location, location’ time and again. And while it’s true that where the home is located has a strong bearing on its appeal and potential selling price, the place has to be attractive as well.

Number of bedrooms, size of the yard and amount of parking will all play a significant part in selling a home, but the bathrooms and kitchens are where the wow moment can take place.

Even a large and impressive master bedroom won’t do much for prospective buyers if it has an old or small master bathroom, and a lovely living area will be generally outshadowed by an outdated kitchen.

Some buyers are willing to renovate, but items that need attention will immediately be calculated into requested reductions to the selling price, or worse yet, cause the house to be removed from their list of options.

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, consider going the luxury route. Make your bathroom worthy of a showroom. You’ll not only be able to enjoy this comfortable new space in your home, you can take heart knowing it will increase the value of your property and make it more attractive should you ever decide to sell.

So what is it that makes a bathroom luxurious? Many home owners seek a lavishly large bath on a platform, or spacious step in shower.

Even if you can’t install a large jacuzzi, be sure that at least one bathroom in your home is equipped with a bath. Experts agree that having even a small bath makes your home much more appealing. This is especially true for families with small children. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy a luxurious soak yourself.

Baths can be installed in corners or beneath showers if space is an issue. If in doubt, visit a bathroom showroom to see how you may be able to fit a bath into your home.

Another significant factor in making a bathroom attractive is ease of use. Consider convenience and efficiency when planning your remodel. If you’d appreciate having two sinks instead of one to help eliminate confusion in the mornings, chances are buyers would as well.

Large, easily accessible showers can be helpful for those with limited mobility or for bathing children. You may also consider having more than one shower head, which can be both luxurious and also very convenient.

Be sure to use high-end finishes for your luxury bathroom such as chrome bathroom accessories, and quality flooring. Ample storage space will also make the room much more luxurious, as it helps eliminate any clutter and looks attractive to those looking for extra storage in general.

When designing with both your own needs and the desires of a buyer in mind, be sure to use a neutral color scheme and fixtures that are universally appealing. For ideas, a trip to a local bathroom showroom may be your best bet.