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Common reasons to call AC repair Buffalo, NY!

One of the most prime priorities in summer is to keep our homes cool and comfortable. We sure would not like to ruin our sun-fun days by spending sleepless nights just because the air conditioner has stopped operating. Since none can avoid performance issues, it can be helped by contacting the best professionals of AC repair Buffalo, NY, to diagnose and repair the problem.

There is no one reason why your air conditioners act weird especially when you need them the most. It can be because of a tripped circuit breaker, clogged air filter, leaks, and so on. 

To help you get to know your air conditioner better, this article will focus on common air conditioner problems and what must be done in that situation. 

Common Air Conditioner Problems

An air conditioning system is a complex machine that plays a vital role in our comfort. It comprises many moving parts like fan coil or furnace, tubing for refrigerant, evaporation coil, etc. All these parts must be rightly connected and operate for the unit to function. If any of these parts wear down or malfunction, then the air conditioner will not operate properly and will lead to severe repairs and replacements. But many times, just simple tune-up services will resolve the issue, however only an expert can determine the severity of the AC problem. 

Some of the common air conditioner problems include clogging, dirty air filter, improper drainage, broken compressor, etc. These issues require help from the air conditioner repair services Buffalo, NY

Not Enough AC Cooling

This is one of the most common problems faced by homeowners. The air conditioner may seem to work just fine, but there is no cooling. This clearly indicates that the problem lies in a specific component of the system. If this problem is not attended to quickly, the repairing cost can soar high in no time. 

The following can be the main reason as to why your AC is not giving out cool air.

  • Thermostat – There is a high chance that the thermostat must be wrongly set or it is malfunctioning. Before you conclude the air conditioner is at fault, take a close look at the thermostat whether it is functioning properly. Clean the thermostat of all the dust and other particles. Do not place the thermostat in a direct sunlight area or where the kids can reach and disturb its setting. Also, make sure to set the temperature a little below the room temperature for the cooling effect to kick in. 
  • Air Filter – When the air filter gets too clogged with dust and other related particles, the air conditioner finds it difficult for smooth and efficient operation. The filters must be cleaned at least once in two months. Since it captures all dust and dirt in it, cleaning every alternate month makes it mandatory for better operation. If left for long, then it will take no time for the parts to freeze and cause severe AC repairs.
  • Fuses and Breakers – These are the main parts that protect and prevent the system from overheating. If the air conditioner motor dies, the first thing the technician checks is the breaker, to see its operational state. 
  • Evaporator Coil – The evaporator coil absorbs enough heat from the air and propels it back as cold air into the house via air ducts. They can damage with time and will need regular care and maintenance for better cooling operation.
  • Proper Drainage – The drain line must be kept clean from dust, dirt, and other particles. If they get clogged, then the drain pan will become clogged, which in turn would lead to leakage. If even a small amount of water reaches the AC parts, then be ready to spend huge for the damage will be severe.

AC Won’t Turn On

If this is the situation, then check the outside unit if it is running. Check whether the unit is plugged properly and the thermostat is switched on and is in its right temperature setting. If the unit does not start even after the above inspection, then see whether the coil is frozen. If freezing is the issue, then the problem may lie with the compressor or the motor. 

Whether the air conditioner is damaged or frozen, all you have to do is to get help from experienced professionals like Smart Home Heating & Cooling, for better repairs and home comfort. They are the best help who will be available at your service the very next minute of your call. Contact 716-219-2157 for more information.