Some Do’s and Don’ts For Wood Floors

Wood floors might seem traditional and old fashioned, but they have their own charm and appeal. Properly installed hardwood floors can elevate the standards of a house by manifold times. Infact, it is also true that hardwood floors offer a kind of warmth and coziness to the room. Many people think that wooden floors are boring as they are of the same dark brown color without any designs and variations. But they are highly mistaken as there are wide varieties of wooden floors that are available in the market. Different kinds of woods are used in the making of the floors and they come in different colors, textures and designs. Choose the one that you find best and that will gel with your home settings.

Wood floors also need proper installation. Without that, the beauty of the floors cannot be understood well. You must be thinking that once the wooden floors are installed, the job is finished. It is not so at all. There are many things that you have to keep in mind if you have wood floors Dallas in your home. There are many things that you need to do and many things that you should not do if you have wooden floors in the house. If the simple things are followed and maintained, then the floors will be in good shape for a long period of time. Here are some of the things that must be kept in mind for wooden floors:

  • If you have floors made of wood, make sure that you have mats placed outside the room. This will prevent any kinds of pebbles or small grains to reach the floor and make scratches on them.


  • Make sure that the wooden floor is cleaned on regular basis. Otherwise there might be dust and dirt accumulation in the gaps and cause damage to the floor on the long run. Simple sweeping, vacuuming and dry mopping is enough to keep the wooden floors in great shape over the years.


  • All the furniture in the house should have rubber padding on the legs. This is important as they might create scratches and ugly marks while moving them from one place to another. Infact it is recommended that if there is a need for moving the furniture at all, it should be lifted and moved rather than dragged on the floor.


  • Use of water should not be done for wiping the floors. Even if water spills on the floor, bring a clean and dry cloth and soak the water as soon as possible. Water seepage can be detrimental for wooden floors. Dry the floor area with a handy dryer or put the fan on so that there is no trace of water.


  • If you are using a cleaning solution for cleaning the wooden floors, test the same in some small place and then apply on the floor. Many cleaning solutions take off the color and the luster from the floors and make them look dull and ugly.

Follow these simple steps and have shining and elegant wooden floors in your house.