The Architecture and Happiness

One of the great, but often unnoticed, causes of both happiness and misery is the quality of our environment: the colors, shapes of buildings, kind of walls and streets we are surrounded by can significantly affect our moods. First we have to look what the architecture and happiness is, then the connection between them. Architecture is basically a profession of designing buildings and environments with consideration for their aesthetic effect. It shows cultural symbols and is also perceived as works of art. Happiness is actually the state of contentment when you feel so relaxed and unburdened. Even with bundles of troubles and miseries if you are able to smile, kill your ego and feel internally satisfied it means you are happy.

Architects have long intuited that the places we inhabit can affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This effect can make you happy or sad. It is the architectural beauty that influences the mind. We know architecture includes the shapes of buildings, interior decor, colors and overall look. Now we see how it works.

Shapes of buildings:

Researches have shown that shape of buildings are a driving factor affecting moods and the work output  of the people inhabiting them. Buildings which are triangular or oblique shaped usually generates negative energy.  It produces boredom and mental stress on people. While the round and square shapes generate positive energy.  It then makes people feel relaxed and ultimately happy.  One of the striking abilities of architecture is revealed by JONAS SALK, a psychologist and researcher, is that serene architecture and hillside views had provided the right mental conditions for the necessary creative and intellectual leap. With help of this she was able to concentrate in preparing a polio vaccine.


Colors of buildings:

Colors affects people in many ways depending upon their age, gender and ethnic background, so you have to be very careful in selecting colors of your room, guest room and children’s room. They reflect your personality. Use colors which give you soothing feeling and give you happiness. You can also make a combination of your favorite colors to have a vibrant and relaxing room. Let’s have an idea which colors will suit you. Light colors are expansive and airy so if you are tired and feeling stressed go in your room having light colors and feel relaxed. Every color has different effect. Red will boost your energy, yellow gives sunshine appearances, blue will lower your blood pressure and sooth you, green is most restful for the eye, and orange evokes excitement. Search your happiness in these colors and stay cool.

Wall hangings:

Wall hangings are crucial to beauty of your home and any other building. Your old good memories always leave a smile on your face so preserve your glimpses of beautiful memories on canvas photo prints and hang them on your walls. Fill your living room and study room with beautiful memories which generates happiness for you.

This is how architecture and happiness are correlated, at times you don’t bother to find happiness in these little things but what when a cool color and well framed image on your wall touches your heart, stimulates your emotions and give you the energy to follow your dreams. Decorate, spend time in your home, observe and feel the beauty of your architecture.

Atiq-ur-Rehman is an avid content writer. He writes on home decoration and works for canvas printing UK Company.