The Cost of Changing Locks on a House

The Cost of Changing Locks on a House

Locksmith companies receive a large number of phone inquiries concerning the cost of changing the locks on a house. Many callers are happy new homeowners. Unfortunately, other calls are the result of criminal acts. When a break-in or other emergency has taken place, restoring security is the highest priority. If it is necessary to replace a lock, one should not procrastinate. Although service fees are inconvenient, compromised locks put an entire household in danger. The fees that locksmiths charge vary based on factors such as their travel distance, the hardware required for the job and the type and number of locks on the home. Some companies offer set rates for specific services, and others charge on an hourly basis.

Is Re-Keying a Good Alternative?

In some cases, having the existing locks re-keyed instead of replaced is possible. If the locks are relatively new and have sustained no internal damage, this is often a more practical option. To re-key a lock, the locksmith uses a variety of tools. After removing the lock from the door and freeing the cylinder plug, the locksmith realigns the internal pins to form a lock pattern for the new key. Some locksmiths carry portable key-cutting machines, so if homeowners need multiple copies of the new key, they do not have to wait for them.

Changing a lock by re-keying it costs less than replacing the entire lock. The price of re-keying generally varies between $10 and $75 per cylinder. Re-keying is advisable when someone moves into a new home, a roommate or family member moves away, or the original keys have been lost or stolen.

When to Replace an Existing Lock

Under certain circumstances, it is better to have the old locks replaced with new ones. If the existing locks are worn, rusted or not functioning reliably, they may be easier to pick or even to break. A worn lock may be increasingly difficult to unlock over time; reluctance to unlock in cold temperatures is an early sign of trouble. Minor repairs can sometimes extend the life of an older lock, but this is usually a temporary fix. Since the normal wear and tear of locks is not usually reversible, replacing them is the safest option.

If a lock is forcefully damaged during a break-in or burglary, there may have been serious damage to its internal components. Like an older lock, it will be more vulnerable to breaking and could easily malfunction. Although replacing a lock may cost between $75 and $250, gaining security and peace of mind is worth the price.

Why Professional Locksmith Service Is Best

Experienced locksmiths can more accurately determine if a damaged or old lock is not viable. They can also offer the best advice about choosing new locks or installing more sophisticated security measures like alarms and motion detectors. When amateurs attempt to replace advanced locks or security systems, many things can go wrong. Without the proper training and knowledge, the typical homeowner cannot be certain that the installation and performance is truly up to standard.

Getting to know and trust local professionals offers great benefits to anyone who has recently moved to a new area. all security experts can offer valuable knowledge about local climate conditions, security threats and crime statistics.

Households on a tight budget should prepare for a lockout, break-in or other emergency by contacting their local locksmith companies for rates and availability details. If an unfortunate event occurs, the victims will already know who to call for the best deal, and their locks can be restored quickly and affordably.

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