The different flooring options available in your local flooring stores

An important part of any home is its floor. Though we tend to give more importance to the decoration of the house like the paints of the walls, kinds of furniture to be used, but if the flooring you use for your home is all wrong it can spoil the entire décor of your home. There are different choices for flooring like tiles, carpets, laminate, vinyl flooring and so on. There are advantages and disadvantages of each kinds of flooring options. It is hence advised that you collect all the information on the different kinds of flooring from local flooring stores, know their benefits and drawbacks in details and make your decision based on that. Here is a list of a few different kinds of flooring with their advantages and disadvantages:

•Carpets – it is probably the most common and popular flooring option. While carpets look sophisticated and are available in a wide variety of choices based on colors, styles as well as designs, it is an impractical idea fro flooring in kitchens and bathrooms. Carpets soak water, get easily stained and are difficult to clean. In kitchens there is a possibility of food spill and in bathrooms there is a possibility of water soaking. In both the cases, the carpet would need cleaning frequently and hence would wear out in no time at all. Carpet cleaning is an expensive and tiring process too. Nevertheless you can use carpets for your sitting rooms as well as bedrooms.

•Tiles – tiles are another very popular flooring option. Tiles are extremely durable, can be easily cleaned and are available in a wide variety of colors, designs as well as styles too such that you can give your home a unique look. But the drawbacks of tiles are that since these are very hard products, if something heavy falls on your tiles, your tiles would crack. You have to change it and to do so you would need the exact color and design of your already existing tiles. Another drawback is that tiles are extremely slippery and when used in bathrooms can cause accidents if left wet. You need to dry the tiles every time you wet your bathroom floor.

•Vinyl – vinyl flooring is not so popular worldwide as a flooring option but nonetheless has its own benefits. There are two kinds of vinyl flooring available in the market, the hard vinyl tiles and the off the roll vinyl flooring. The hard vinyl tiles can be glued to the existing floorboards but to use this kind of flooring you have to have a perfectly leveled floor board. If you floorboard is not level you would have to level it out. This is the drawback of hard vinyl. The second kind is more easily installed. It is soft vinyl that is cut as per the size of your floor from a larger roll of vinyl. The only thing to keep in mind is that it needs to be cut perfectly to fit the edges.