The Right Tools For Any DIY Jobs Around The Home

Tool is a device or implement that is designed for a specific purpose and has indeed become a part and parcel of our lives. Tools facilitate quicker completion of jobs and ensure good results. Tools are of two types – hand tools and power tools. Hand tools are used to perform a particular task using solely manual labour but power tools are mechanical devices that operate when they are activated by an external power source. The external power source may be batteries, electricity, compressed air, burning of fuels or propellants. Power tools can be either stationary or portable in nature.

The following is the list of right tools for any DIY jobs around your home:

DIY jobs around your home whether big or small can be a daunting and challenging task when you do not have a properly equipped tool kit. Using the right tools makes your DIY home improvement project much easier. Whether you are remodeling, upgrading or implementing a few repairs you need the right type of power tools when doing DIY projects. The following are the ‘must have’ power tools that all home owners need to embark on any DIY job around your home.

1. The cordless driller or driver: This is an essential home improvement power tool. It is in fact the most easily and most frequently reached for power tool in a DIY project. With innovative features and designs these cordless drillers are ideal for a variety of applications from hanging a picture to building a deck. Drilling is one of the most common jobs that you need around in a house.

2. Circular saw: This hand held power saw is a basic tool in any home renovator’s kit. It is used for cutting wood, plywood or for rough framing projects. They are portable with a proper blade and are an excellent tool for fast and straight cutting of timber, metal, plastic and plywood.

3. Compound Miter saw: This is a power tool that ensures smooth cuts with perfect precision. This tool is an essential item if you are cutting trims for inside and outside corners, especially when the angles are not perfectly 45 degrees.

4. Table saw: This is a traditional power tool of a home or professional wood working project. Table saws are indeed the most versatile of all home wood working devices. This is an inexpensive tool but very useful for rip cuts or cuts that go with the grain. This tool assures accuracy in performance and does not occupy much storage space.

5. Reciprocating saw: This is a small cutting device that is used for cutting holes or designs into wood. This is also called as the jack of all trades tool as it can help in demolition, remodeling or any type of cutting work. No wonder it is considered as one of the versatile tools in a DIY tool kit.

6. Jigsaw: If a good blade is incorporated it can be used to cut any materials from plywood to stainless steel. It is used for cutting curves or for cutting holes or stencils.

7. Angle grinder: It is used to grind, weld and smooth cut any metal surface. They can be used to remove the rust from old tools and for rebuilding the mortar in the chimney.

8. Sander: This device can help you in all your sanding jobs. The long stretch of straight material helps you in reaching and cleaning nooks and crevices.

9. Air compressor: This is yet another versatile tool for inflating a tyre to powering a nail gun.

10. Rotary tool: It can be implemented for a multitude of functions like drilling, cutting, grinding and polishing. It is also used for carving fine figurines as a hobby.

The right power tools make your DIY project an enjoyable experience. They also help you to work more precisely, flexibly, safely and more productively.