Convert Your Home to SoHo

In the wake of a recessionary economy more SMEs are cutting down on operating costs by operating out of their respective homes. Similarly a section of the laid off employees are turning the tide up by starting their own companies, their homes being the first choice of office. Under both the circumstances, SoHo as a concept is gaining in popularity. Continue reading “Convert Your Home to SoHo”

Boom in Real Estate Sector Led to Improved Indian Economy

The article describes the current situation and trends of the realty sector of India, and how the transactions in the real estate industry have aided to the continual growth of country’s economy.

Past 10 years have been fruitful for the India in terms of the real estate transactions. The growth of the real estate segment is evident day by day and is expected to grow in the coming years as well. The growth in Information Technology, IT enabled services (ITES), Healthcare, construction, real estate and others have added to the demand of the buildings and commercial spaces in India. Continue reading “Boom in Real Estate Sector Led to Improved Indian Economy”