Coastal Equities Personal Finance 101: Does it Make Sense to Get a Lawyer to Repair Your Credit?

The truth is that anyone who has a damaged credit rating has usually had some financial trouble at some point in their life. But this does not mean that they need to live out the rest of their life with this hampered credit rating. Most damaged credit can be fixed over time.

Coastal Equities, a personal finance expert, has seen it all when it comes to credit and finances. Many times the only option is to hire a lawyer that specializes in credit repair. But does this option make the most sense for your situation?

Some Credit Repair is DIY

Be aware that many types of damaged credit issues can be fixed on your own. You can submit reports to all three bureaus, and over time you can get them to remove errors and sometimes even negative items. This will take some time and prowess on your part, though. And some people may not know how to accomplish this.

Be Prepared for Fees & Waiting Time with Lawyers

Lawyers make their money off fees, plain and simple. Imagine how many hours you’d spend fixing your credit. Now multiply this by the fees that you would have to pay a law firm. The good news is that there are firms that offer a flat rate, after assessing your needs. It will take time, money and patience, though. This may be a good option to pursue, as we’ll explain in the next point that follows.

Benefit versus Cost

OK – say you spend $5,000 to get your credit repaired by a lawyer. It’s actually money well spent. Now you could get, for example, a 5% car loan as opposed to an 18% one. The difference alone in that payment will add up to well over $5,000 over the course of the loan. So yes, in essence, credit repair law firms do pay for themselves over due time. It is just a matter of your needs in the here and now.


I just found this awesome web site that helps you connect with your off line community. I found it while searching for a decent lost and found for my neighborhood, besides craigslist.  It will only work if people use it so, please click on this link and sign up.


Washington Park Gem Listed

Washington Park Real Estate

Washington Park Real Estate

Here is a new listing in Wash Park we would like to shout about. The home is located at 772 South Ogden and is a fully remodeled craftsman that still has it’s original charm.  It’s off Ohio and Ogden just two blocks from the middle of Wash Park. You can not beat this location. Please check out this full web page and virtual tour devoted to this remarkable home.  Here is a link to this fantastic wash park real estate opportunity.

Urban Coyote Problem in SW Denver

I attended this presentation regarding the coyote problem in south west Denver today. The meeting was held at the south west recreation center off Garrison. I went to this meeting because our back yard domestic buffalo head rabbit, Banksy, went missing recently. indexI noticed some flyers around the neighborhood warning of the coyote problem escalating in the Bow Mar area and thought I had better investigate.  I was more than a little shocked to learn that at least 14 dogs have been killed recently by roaming city coyote in south west Denver alone.


I learned that the coyote mate in January and see other dogs as a threat to their goal of successfully mating. Coyote don’t take kindly to people walking their dogs through my near by Bow Mar Heights Park.  A few fatal attacks have been in Bow Mar Heights Park which is right next to Kiaser elementary school.   Apparently the school has been on lock down repeatedly because of this under reported and ongoing problem.

One woman reported that a coyote jumped her 6 foot fence and killed her chihuahua right in front of her.  She said they banged on pots and pans, but the coyote just stood there and stared back at her, not even flinching.  Another attendee stated that a 135lb. bull mastiff was taken down by two of these wild animals.  The fact is they are not afraid of us at all, and see us and our pets as an easy food source.  I have a kid who is weighing in and 60lbs. soaking wet and I am very concerned about him going to this park now, until proactive is done.  Basically they told us to make noise, not feed them and report any bites.Coyote6

The wild life folks are encouraging everyone to scare the hell out of the coyote when ever you see one, put up and food sources and report any coyote that threaten people.  The towns people were understandably frustrated and unhappy with this plan.  They wanted trapping, relocation or straight up hunting of the animals to commence immediately.  One out spoken individual wanted to shoot them on sight her self in her back yard.  The room blew up and everyone started talking at once.  Thankfully shooting guns in the city of Denver remains illegal.

I was wondering what has changed….what naturally hunts these animals?  Our neighborhoods are currently overwhelmed with geese, I see literally thousands at Fort Logan, and every other park around here.  There are rabbits every where, I have a new family of the in the backyard as I write this. I see prairie dogs all over every vacant lot I drive by.  Is it really a surprise that these predators are stepping up to the dinner table?  I think the lack of management of these smaller animals is the real reason for the coyote explosion.  Until wild life control efforts are introduced, I see no end in sight. Maybe if we allow bow hunting of the geese?  or figure out some other humane way to reduce these abundant food sources? The next thing we know mountain lions are going to move in to eat the coyotes.mountainlion







Denver Zillow Summit 2014

I went to the Denver Premier Agent Zillow Summit today and here is what I gleaned from it.

 It was pretty informative and I learned a bit about the Zestimate algorithms.


As we all know the data does not take into account upgrades, views, ambiance…. However I did learn that homeowners can actually go into Zillow and update their own homes in the system now. You may benefit from an update when selling your home if extensive improvements were made to your home.  If you do it, please let me know what your experience is like.

20140514_114909  Here is a pretty powerful graph, stating the price of rents and expense of home ownership in Denver right now.  The current interest rates on  a thirty year mortgage are really low right now making it a wise move to obtain a mortgage and secure a low and stable monthly payment for your housing.


Basically further data analysis provided by Zillows data analysis department came to the conclusion that buying a home in Denver pays for it’s self in just 2.1 years.  If you take into account taxes, closing costs, home owners insurance versus renters insurance and the general cost of home ownership.

20140514_114326This was a micro analysis of the Denver Buyers and Sellers markets at the moment.  They attempted to do a micro analysis of the exact neighborhoods throughout the Denver area. They came up with this Buyers and Seller micro market sheet.  It would be interesting to see what the actual validity of this is and if one could use it to move up through the market.

20140514_114604This is the scary fact that 20% negative equity remains nation wide on average.  We have not seen the drastic fluctuations that Las Vegas or Phoenix has experienced. We also have not seen the 28% appreciation recovery that they have had in California lately. Basically Denver has faired much better, stability wise, then the nation as a whole.

20140514_114655Denver actually faired better in this negative equity situation from the national average and is moving in the right direction gaining a 9% recovery in 2013.

+All of these graphs and data were provided by Zillow and are deemed reliable but not guaranteed.


Real Estate – Flipping properties

Real Estate - Flipping propertiesWhen it comes to buying and selling properties, some people make good money and have a lot of fun in discovering bargains and doing them up to sell for a profit. You will find that there is a great deal of excitement and interest in the process, and that more and more people are getting in to it. However, if you are unsure of what you are doing then it can be a massive undertaking, and there are huge risks involved either way. The research that is necessary can be a long and arduous process, especially if you are totally new to the process as a whole, so it makes sense to have a skim over the surface of the whole affair, to see if there are things that you had perhaps not thought about.

For a start, you need to have a pretty good idea of both trends in market values, and the cost of doing places up. Both of these things tend to come from experience in either sector, and will usually have been a passion for a while for those who get in to it. You may come form a real estate back ground, or you may be an interior designer, but if you are neither, then the learning curve will be a steep one, and a decent amount of research is going to be necessary! It is a good idea to do the projects with someone else that you trust, though a partner may not always be the best choice. Arguments about the property, and the weight that lies on selling the place can put serious strain on a relationship, so it may be best to work on such a project with a friend or someone who you have less of an issue arguing with!

 You will need to have a decent amount of money set aside, and the capital available to you will need to be large enough to cushion any unseen costs. You may buy a place thinking it is structurally sound, and find that there are issues with the foundations that need to be repaired that passed by the initial survey inspection. This sort of thing can come from no where, and will cost you a bomb. If you can’t pay it then you are stuck in a position where you can’t sell the place on, and you can’t afford to get it in to a position where it can be, which is obviously a tricky situation.Real Estate - Flipping properties2

 In order to do the place up, you will likely need some interior design knowledge, to really make the pace as sellable as possible. You also need to know your buyer.There is little point in pumping money into carving out a basement in a place in a rough area , but you may find it adds a massive amount to the value of a place in a bigger area. Being clever with the way that you design the place means understanding that your view on how a place should look is not the be all and end all, because some people buy places in order to make their own stamp on them. You will find that places that are easy to change and customize will sell faster, whereas statement homes may get a higher price in the end, but it will not be as easy to entice buyers. People are surprisingly boring when it comes to buying houses, so be prepared for your grand designs to fall flat, and don’t pump too much cash in to cosmetic things that may be a risk!

 Find more helpful tips here: Westminster carpet cleaners

SEO Certified Denver Listing Real Estate Agent Search

So your are searching for a Listing agent in Denver and are feeling a little over whelmed. Everyone you call is over promising and you feel like you are in a used car lot.  How do you find the best listing agent in your area without getting a referral from a friend or family member?

A lot of people just Google what they are looking for.  For example I know that I had a client searching “Denver low commission realtor” and I popped up on the first page of Google and he gave me a call.  We hit it off and I sold his Wash Park House and helped them find a new condo during a downsizing they needed to accomplish.

I think it is a great idea to Google your broker even if you did get a referral from a friend or family member.  Some agents don’t have a clue about internet based marketing strategies and do not even come up personally at all.  If you are looking for a marketing genius (and quite frankly you should be if listing your house) and your agent is digitally invisible then I would be concerned about there marketing plan for your home. If they don’t know how to master their own personal marketing, how could you expect them to market your house effectively?

Do you want an agent that has a fancy office and will drive you around in his new Beamer?  They are fairly easy to find and spend a lot of money on image, and yellow pages ads. This is great if that’s your style. I am sure they can comprehend the 20+ page contracts just fine, but they may not have the web development background needed these days to optimize the virtual marketing realm.

Consider looking for a small web savvy real estate company like House Calls Realty that can really get the ball rolling and get your house in front of as many eyeballs as possible.  I realized the importance of this hands on approach and decided to get search engine optimization certified a few years ago.  Very few real estate agent know that 56 characters is the optimum number in a title to catch the eyes of the Google spiders.  Does your agent know that he should name each of your photos differently describing the micro location of your home?  It seems like a silly thing to consider why not name every photo 1, 2 and 3?  Well, when Zillow, Trulia and Google come through scanning the ads they have no idea that it happens to be a “Black Forest solar home”.  Try it. Put “Black Forest solar home” in Google and today, I see my goofy  face and a client s house on the first page of Google about 3 slots down.

Denver Listing Agent

Denver Listing Agent

Now do you think it’s important to have a SEO Certified Real Estate Broker?  Imagine the exposure your house could get with these strategies employed.  There is a lot more to it, there is meta data that needs to be input and many other practices, but the bottom line is, if you are looking for a Denver listing broker I would strongly recommend you get one that understands optimization or has a team that does.

Please contact us today if you are looking to buy or sell a home in the near future.

Written by:  a Denver Real Estate Broker and an inbound marketer that is absolutely addicted to WordPress and search engine optimization.

Denver RTD Lightrail Extension Plans

Here is some Metro Denver Real Estate News…

So..I admittedly geek out about maps, which is great, because I am in real estate and have a good excuse. I like studying the rail lines and anticipating the effects of the real estate market when the rail lines open, even if I am not actively investing in the area.

Here is a link to the new SW Denver Lightrail extension.  Do you think this will increase the value of the property near by?  I would have to say YUP!  If you happen to be interested in investment opportunities along these new routes too. Please contact me and we will go take a closer look.

Here is another map I love to study.  I personally can’t wait for a rail line to DIA. It will save me sooo much time and money. I think.

Denver Light Rail Development Map

Denver Light Rail Development Map

is a Denver Real Estate Broker and an inbound marketer that is addicted to WordPress and search engine optimization.