Denver Agents MLS Listings Secretly Blacklisted by Colorado Springs MLS

Want to get a smoking deal on some Colorado Springs real estate?  Find a home listed in Colorado Springs by an agent in Denver.  Most Denver agents have no idea that if they list a home in Matrix, the Denver MLS system, that the agents in Colorado Springs have to go to a “special” area to find them.  Meanwhile these Denver agents get no showings and drop the price again and again and again until finally a Denver real estate shark takes notice, drives up there and scoops them up.

In Denver we see everything from Iris, in Fort Collins to Matrix, in Colorado Springs.  I don’t recall any training here in Denver, or anyone really, pointing out that the Colorado Springs Association of Realtors has stacked the deck like this.  When I asked they say it’s a problem with compatibility and that their system is just better and more advanced than the one in Denver.

Actually the bottom line is, PPAR MLS requires steep fees and membership to the National Association of Realtors in order to use the front end of their MLS, something that is not required here in Denver. Please check out this previous blog for more information on this MLS racket in Colorado Springs