Denver Property Management


House Calls Realty offers Property Management services in the Denver area. Our Property Manager services include property marketing, tenant screening, leasing, evictions, rent collection, mortgage and utility payments, accounting services, security deposits, inspections of property, and last but not least repair and maintenance services.

We also do all of the marketing for you to find the best tenant. We market on Zillow. We are Premier agents with Zillow and they give us preferred ad placement. We will also advertise you property on the Denver MLS listing service called Matrix. We also advertise on, HotPads, Craigslist, and a plethora of other web site.  We also do aggressive offline advertising, so we would put a sign in the yard, maybe in the window and often we will put flyers at the Whole Foods or other coffee houses or hangouts in the area.

We have a great application process that will pull the credit of the potential renter helping us choose the best qualified tenant to take care of your Denver property.

We will do all the rent collection for property owners in the Denver area. We also can handle three-day notices and even evictions, but we do thorough background checks before we even get the tenants in the property so we rarely have to evict.

We provide an open spread sheet that keeps owners informed with what is happening with their when ever the would like to check on it.  Our meticulous notes are available to property owners 24 hours, a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our clients have access to their file whenever they need plus they’ll get a link to a year end statement for their CPAs in January.

We handle the security deposits, as well. They’ll be put in escrow and held for the duration of lease.  We give a statement to the tenants and the owner and they’ll both be notified of any damages that occurred during the lease. We take care of the security deposit refunds within 30-60 days depending on the lease verbage.

We do inspections of property. We do move-in inspections and will take video and then we do move out inspections and take video again and pictures of any damage. We will estimate the repair costs and remove the cost from the security deposits and then refund the security deposits to the ex tenants as soon as possible.

We handle the day to day repairs and maintenance. Whatever needs to be done within $200 is immediately handled by our handy men. If the bill is above $200 we will contact the owner and see what route they want to take.  We can acquire bids on projects for them… sometimes there’s a fence or retaining wall that needs to be done and we will get a couple bids for them but if its under $200 we just take care of it.  It is often downspouts… things like that… in the fall sprinklers need to be blown out. Disposals are the most common call.  Disposals tend to burn out or get clogged up and need replacement. Water heaters also go out from time to time. We have a good guy the can replace those at a pretty reasonable price.  If you need a great property management company in the Denver area please contact House Calls Property Management LLC at 303-476-8454.