Tips to Decorate Your Kid’s Room


When decorating your child’s room, you need to know a few things. It is not rocket science or a hard chore. With a bit of research and interest, this daunting job can actually be fun. This helps in better bonding. Here a few thing to be remembered whilst decorating your kid’s room.


Pick a theme and try to build the design on the theme you have chosen. Include your child’s suggestions as this is his/her bedroom. Do not get carried away by the theme you select. Remember that kids grow and the same theme may not suit teenagers. Hence make your choice wisely.

Colour Pattern:

Select a colour pattern that is bright and should give an illusion of light. Try to provide as much as artificial light possible, but natural light is always better. The colours should be bright and vibrant, reflecting your child’s personality.


Using the colour theme, you can design the cabinets and shelves to go along. Smart storage is the key. This utilise less space, yet give a pleasant look. Choose the design carefully but once you select, go ahead. 


This is a creative way to decorate your child’s room. You could get an artist who specialise in this creative art and redecorate the whole room into a wonderland. Why shouldn’t you child live a fairy tale? This can really bring out the best; also gives a fresh look!

Organic Furniture:

When you plan to buy furniture, opt for organic one. Your child may be exposed to several chemicals when he/she comes in contact with synthetic furniture. Organic furniture keeps the allergies at bay. A good number of designs are available in organic furniture giving you a choice to select.


This is an amazing effect which you can provide in your child’s room. This is suitable for rooms which have less ventilation and is not apt for apartments. These are available in different shapes and sizes with numerous selection. When you choose a model, ensure that it let in appropriate amount of light and air but limits the outside heat especially during summers.


These are less pricy than paints. They are renewable and can be changed with the season. You get different textures and colours to match the rooms. You can create any environment like elegant, vintage, fun etc. with them. These are easy to replace, fun and durable.

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