Urban Coyote Problem in SW Denver

I attended this presentation regarding the coyote problem in south west Denver today. The meeting was held at the south west recreation center off Garrison. I went to this meeting because our back yard domestic buffalo head rabbit, Banksy, went missing recently. indexI noticed some flyers around the neighborhood warning of the coyote problem escalating in the Bow Mar area and thought I had better investigate.  I was more than a little shocked to learn that at least 14 dogs have been killed recently by roaming city coyote in south west Denver alone.


I learned that the coyote mate in January and see other dogs as a threat to their goal of successfully mating. Coyote don’t take kindly to people walking their dogs through my near by Bow Mar Heights Park.  A few fatal attacks have been in Bow Mar Heights Park which is right next to Kiaser elementary school.   Apparently the school has been on lock down repeatedly because of this under reported and ongoing problem.

One woman reported that a coyote jumped her 6 foot fence and killed her chihuahua right in front of her.  She said they banged on pots and pans, but the coyote just stood there and stared back at her, not even flinching.  Another attendee stated that a 135lb. bull mastiff was taken down by two of these wild animals.  The fact is they are not afraid of us at all, and see us and our pets as an easy food source.  I have a kid who is weighing in and 60lbs. soaking wet and I am very concerned about him going to this park now, until proactive is done.  Basically they told us to make noise, not feed them and report any bites.Coyote6

The wild life folks are encouraging everyone to scare the hell out of the coyote when ever you see one, put up and food sources and report any coyote that threaten people.  The towns people were understandably frustrated and unhappy with this plan.  They wanted trapping, relocation or straight up hunting of the animals to commence immediately.  One out spoken individual wanted to shoot them on sight her self in her back yard.  The room blew up and everyone started talking at once.  Thankfully shooting guns in the city of Denver remains illegal.

I was wondering what has changed….what naturally hunts these animals?  Our neighborhoods are currently overwhelmed with geese, I see literally thousands at Fort Logan, and every other park around here.  There are rabbits every where, I have a new family of the in the backyard as I write this. I see prairie dogs all over every vacant lot I drive by.  Is it really a surprise that these predators are stepping up to the dinner table?  I think the lack of management of these smaller animals is the real reason for the coyote explosion.  Until wild life control efforts are introduced, I see no end in sight. Maybe if we allow bow hunting of the geese?  or figure out some other humane way to reduce these abundant food sources? The next thing we know mountain lions are going to move in to eat the coyotes.mountainlion