Comprehensive Spring Cleaning

Warmer spring temperatures mark the ideal time to breathe new life into your home décor. While freshening up your kitchen, bedroom, and living room, it may be easy to overlook your bathroom.

To liven up your lavatory, follow these tips:

Switch up the pattern. If you prefer dark colored towels or a drab shower curtain during colder months, go for the exact opposite when warm weather hits. Bright blue, green, and yellow can add a pop of life to any bathroom décor. For extra effect, try bold striped, zigzag, or swirl patterns.

Freshen up. Keep your bathroom looking good and smelling nice by stocking it with fresh flowers. If fresh flowers aren’t an option, fake arrangements can still add some seasonal color to your bathroom.

Frame things differently. Try swapping out the frame around your bathroom mirror. Or, if you don’t have a frame, make your own using a floral pattern or one similar to your shower curtain and towels.

A new light. Lighting is an essential part of any room’s décor. Try placing lamps or swapping out lampshades to make your restroom more seasonally appropriate.

Don’t avoid the windowsill. Windowsills offer a great spot to place small decorative items. From decorative vases to baskets of potpourri, this seemingly small ledge can become powerful real estate in terms of decorative options.

Candles can help. Do you have a favorite spring scent? If so, try to find it in candle form. Light the candle any time you have guests over, or if you just want to add to the atmosphere of the room.

Sort out your storage. If you have an array of cabinets or large countertops, make sure they are living up to their potential. For counters, look for seasonal-inspired toothbrush holders or soap dishes.

Cut out clutter. Spring cleaning is the ideal opportunity to rid the rest of your house of annoying clutter and your bathroom should be no exception.

As with any other home décor undertaking, making over your bathroom is a reflection of your personality. Feel free to try something new or adventurous. After all, the person who is going to spend the most time there is you.
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