Englewood Listing Agent Searches for “Mom and Pops”

I live in a weird area, I think of it as the Denver County pan handle. It is where about 5 townships corner. I am almost in Morrison, Sheridan, Englewood, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch and Littleton. This makes for some challenging location descriptions when doing my daily search engine optimization. I basically cover the south west region of metro Denver.  My other broker, Justin Boehm, covers the north west, while John Hall canvases Aurora and the east side of the Denver metro area.

South West Denver Real Estate
South West Denver

I personally have been searching for south west Denver metro listings in order to give a higher quality of service than the “big box” real estate guys.  I figure that if your listing agent knows the area, or better yet lives near by, and can open the house in minutes, that is a real asset to the seller. “Instant showings”, in this immediate gratification world we live in, can really help sell a house. I am guilty of this as well,  I will be cruising around the neighborhood showing property and see a new sign in a yard that did not come up on my Denver MLS search for some reason. I will give the broker a call in hopes of showing it and being the first to find a great deal.  The best brokers can just give me the code and I am in and out pretty quick.

I have always preferred to shop a mom and pop over an impersonal conglomerate. Take banking for example. I like to bank with a local credit union if possible. They are a little more personable and will not leave me on hold indefinitely and my call is actually important to them because they answer my calls!  Is it just me?

I find myself leaning toward these kinds of companies regularly. You see, I would much rather eat at a local diner than a big chain restaurant. As a matter of fact, I just joined a gym in my area on the same theory. I think it seems a little more my style. It’s called Club USA fitness and they have been around here for 20 years and only have one location. It’s right in my neighborhood around Quincy and Wadsworth. It’s not really flashy and thankfully there is no techno music blasting.  I think I will fit in great!  I checked it out and I am not the most out of shape nor the buffest clientele there. The age group was diverse too.  I did not feel self conscious at all.  The people that work there came across as real people genuinely concerned about fitness, as opposed to a chain that just wants me to bring my friends in and get them signed up too.

Why am I rambling on about my own personal shopping preferences   Well, as a local real estate company owner, I am hoping to reflect the same values that I am craving as a consumer. I want personal service. I want to feel like I am getting a great deal and that I am supporting my immediate community. So I guess that is where I am going with all of this. I want House Calls Realty to be the best real estate company from my immediate community outward, this has been a challenge in that I live on the edge of many different townships, but I can see that I am gaining momentum.

I often go to local happenings and try to reach out.  This weekend was the Irish Fest.  I gave away a few frisbees, with House Calls Realty’s Logo LogoBlackAndWhiteTextBelowon them, to the kids at the festival.

The weekend before I went garage sale-ing. I struck up a conversation with one of the people there and discovered that they were liquidating an estate and needed help figuring out the value of their home.  I bought some great stuff, made a new friend and possibly created a win win situation where I can sell their home and they can move on.

Anyway, the bottom line is if you want personalized service, and someone you cares about your actual position, then I truly believe it is best to go local. The local businesses might not be as flashy and trendy as the big guys, but from my experience I have found that you get better service and more attention from a smaller bank, diner, gym, and real estate company.

If you are in need of any quality, personable, down to earth, real estate services in the Sheridan, Englewood, Lakewood, Littleton or Denver area please seriously consider House Calls Realty.