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Today I went out in The Milargo Townhomes subdivision in Littleton, Colorado and showed homes again. I have been searching six months for a ground floor condo with views, not too claustrophobic and lots of light for under $100k. It has been next to impossible, then out of the blue, three units come up for sale in a week. Out of these three homes, one went under contract at 5:08 pm. last night while I was showing it, another went under contract by the time I got home tonight. There is one left. I hope they like it.

Denver Listing Agent
Denver Listing Agent

Homes in Denver are selling in a matter of hours, not days. Now is the best time I have ever seen to sell your home and we have an awesome team ready to list it. We have a professional photographer and videographer. We also have a certified search engine optimization marketing guru. Our team is ready to aggressively market your estate. We specialize in Aurora, Lakewood, Downtown Denver, Littleton and the surrounding areas. We will also handle all of the showings, booking and feedback. We have open houses. We navigate the complicated contracts and can manipulate the negotiations to your best interest. We follow through all the way to the closing table and will minimize the stress of all the paper work, dates, appointments, title work and other hassles involved in the closing of your real property. You can rest assured that we can get you the most for your home and that it will be exposed to the maximum amount of buyers at once.

We do recommend that you get the home in selling condition to maximize your return on investment. We would be happy to give you a fresh set of eyes as to what can be done to get the most money out of your home with the least amount of expenditure and effort. After that we will come out and take some pictures and you can sit back and relax.

You could try to save some money doing it all by yourself but you will never get the results that people with years of experience and professional training can and do get. Imagine if some one walked into your office and told you that they could do your job better and for next to nothing. Would you believe them? Not for a second. Would you be insulted? Maybe a little. So why do some home owners think that they can be their own real estate agent? I really think it’s strange, maybe they have had bad experiences with lazy agents, or their brother in law, I don’t know. I do know that as an estate agent I want to hire a professional Dentist or a professional sign maker.. sure I could do it myself but with what results?

DIY Dentistry
DIY Dentistry

It has been proven that hiring a real estate listing company can get more net funds to the seller. Why? Exposure! Experience! Pricing! That’s why. Agents have paid their dues and the good ones have earned a Buyers pool in the community in which they live. These quality agents have a small army of many agents on speed dial. They have access to all of the other agents in Denver and can get you top dollar and find your buyer in the shortest amount of time. Remember time is money and if it takes you twice as long to find a buyer on your own, then you just spent twice as much money on mortgage payments waiting for your house to sell. Think about it. You get more money and a faster sale if you have more exposure. What better way to sell your Denver home than to list it on the mls and instantly reach 1000 real estate agents and all of their pre qualified buyers.

A great Denver listing agent can and will market your home on Zillow, Trulia, Facebook, G+ and tons of other real estate and social media websites getting you maximum exposure. The best Denver listing agents will create and distribute flyers offline locally as well. An excellent Denver real estate listing agent will get a youtube video and virtual tour up and promoting your home.

Please consider making House Calls Realty your excellent real estate listing company in the Denver area. Current inventory is very low and we have pre-qualified buyer’s lined up at the door. Call 303-476-8454 or shoot us an email today for a free comparative market analysis of your property.

If you think you may happen to be upside down on your home, don’t hesitate to call. We offer a no frills listing service for home owners you are slightly upside down with the bank on their home. We may be able to help you too.

Author: Nicholas Bowman

is a father, a Denver Real Estate Broker and an inbound marketer that is addicted to Wordpress and search engine optimization.