Home Improvement – A Guide To Children Friendly Bathrooms!

The idea is to indulge yourself at home and make it so heavenly you don’t want to go anywhere else! Yes, home improvement is all about creating an environment in your home which is comfortable and a perfect blend of fun with function. Everyone loves to hang beautiful canvas prints on their walls of bedrooms and living rooms as a way of easy money décor, and now they are seen in many chic and modernized bathrooms, giving it a completely nonconventional look!

Before designing a home or remodeling one, we have to consider many factors with respect to members of the family. If you have little ones in your home you have to make sure your home is children friendly. This means less of glassware and brittle crockery to plastic substitutes and non-breakable items at home. Also many people complain of having bought shower glass and regretting it later when young ones hurt themselves by it. It is very essential that we bear in mind these essential start-up tips, before we delve deeper into the idea of bathroom remodeling.

Canvas Printing
Canvas Printing

 We all want out bathroom fittings and furnishings to look the way we want. Perhaps, we have seen images in home décor magazines or came across one through the internet, either way, we think less about our off springs and more about our comfort and what looks good to us! However, if you are sharing your bathroom with your children, you must understand the importance of getting a chinaware basin for instance instead of the chic glass ones – which may look gorgeous – but priority demands us to compromise that for more safer fittings.

Children are messy and disorganized when it comes to sharing bathrooms with them. For their convenience, get a bathroom vanity with a slide in step stool, which they can easily prop on to have a clearer view of the mirror, and just be tall enough to reach the sink!

Try getting the vanity to have open shelving, as opposed to the regular closed-door ones. This way it is easier for children to spot items, without having to rummage through the linen in the cupboards and creating a far bigger mess than you’d like. If it’s open and in clear sight, it would be handy for both you and the children!

Another handy suggestion would be to opt for hooks in the bathroom instead of standard towel bars. Both of you can hang all the wet towels and other clothes easily on the hook and you wouldn’t have to worry about any of it being folded and kept it place – because let’s face it – children don’t have enough patience to do so!

Also, it is quite common to have a bathtub in the bathroom, and if you chose to have just a square like section allotted for showers, make sure the edges are smoothened out in the beginning to avoid any mishaps in future. Many people do not realize the need for such nitty gritties, but it is exactly these things which account for most accidents.


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Anthony Powell is a front end writer at a UK based company providing canvas printing service. Here they offer some unique ideas to decorate your homes in a creative way. Now you can get photos on Canvas online in an affordable and best quality.