Save $100.00 by Cleaning Your Own Flame Sensor

When it comes to dealing with your furnace, many people assume that they cannot handle any repairs or upgrades. Maintenance with a furnace can seem like a hassle, but it can be easily done and by simply ensuring that you check it regularly, you can actually save quiet a bit of money. It is certainly true that he HVAC is a complex system. This, however, doesn’t mean that you cannot make simple repairs to your model. It is simple to learn and the money you will save will be an excellent benefit.


Has your furnace gotten through its start-up procedures just to turn itself back off immediately? If you are experiencing this issue, then you are not alone. This is a common problem that many homeowners must face every single year. A dirty flame censor is most likely the cause of your troubles. Before you begin searching for the number of your repairmen, you should know that this issue is actually quite easy to resolve. The flame sensor is a simple piece of equipment that helps the system determine if a fire is present when the gas valve opens. It sounds simple, but it is vital to make the furnace system work.


What actually causes the flame sensor to get dirty? This is a question that enters the mind of everyone that faces this problem. Simply put, it is just carbon or dirt build-up. These systems are typically located in a basement or attic, it is easy to see why this build-up can occur. It only takes a small amount of dirt or carbon to shut the entire system down. So how can you fix this issue? What can you do to save yourself a bit of money? All you must do is clean the flame sensor yourself. There are many in-depth guides online that will take you through the entire process.


In some cases, you may need to replace the entire flame sensor. If this happens, it will only cost you around $20. When a typical repairman charges you $50 to just walk in your door, this is a great deal. You can save around $100 by just cleaning the flame sensor yourself. That is $100 in your pocket that you can now use for more important matters. While the HVAC systems are complex, they are not as difficult to deal with as you may think. Save yourself some money and clean your own flame sensor now!