Saving Money Throughout the Moving Process

One of the major aspects of the moving process that people are looking for these days involves saving money on the move itself. Regardless of where you are moving, saving money is a huge deal. Thankfully, it’s also not something that is difficult or impossible to do. Saving money on the relocation process can be successfully accomplished in a couple of different ways depending on how you are getting your things to your new home. Consider the following advice and put it to use when you are looking for the simplest and cheapest way to move.


Finding Cheap Movers

Locating a cheap moving company is probably the easiest way to save money on your overall move. Moving companies are the most expensive part of the process, often costing thousands of dollars by the time all of your things are moved into your new home. No matter where you are moving to, it can be difficult to find movers who will move you under your own budget, which is why you need to strive to save money by following a few simple steps.


·         Always get, and compare, quotes. Make a short list from the initial quotes, staying away from any that are far lower than the rest.

·         After comparing the basic quotes, get binding estimates that will legally bind the movers into moving your goods for a set price.

·         Look online to make sure the company you are thinking of hiring is one of the best and that they don’t have too many bad marks against them from other customers.

·         Ask that you be allowed to pack your own things so that you don’t have to pay them for packing or labor.


The Packing Process

The next most expensive aspect of your move is the packing process. During the packing process, you need to put everything that you own into a box and get it ready to move to the new home. While packing will only take you time, the packing supplies that you need can often cost hundreds of dollars. In order to avoid this high cost, remember this:


·         You can get free moving boxes from local retail stores on days that they get their shipments in. Just ask the manager and you’re sure to get a ton of them.

·         Buying in bulk is always best. For the supplies you need to purchase, such as tape, buying as much as you’ll need for the whole move will help keep things under budget.

·         If you have fragile things to pack, consider using your towels, linens and washcloths to pack them. This will prevent you from having to purchase packing paper, bubble wrap, and other moving materials.


Protection En-Route

Having protection for the things that you own while they are in transit to your new home is important too. Make sure that you have some kind of insurance in place before you have to move. This insurance will make sure that you have financial recourse for any damage or loss that happens to come up along the way. Keep these things in mind as you begin looking for insurance for your move:

·         Moving companies are not insurance companies. As such, they cannot offer traditional insurance. They can, however, offer movers’ valuation coverage, which only covers your goods for sixty cents on each pound.

·         Traditional insurance must be purchased through a traditional insurance company. You can often find it through your homeowners insurance company, but you can also purchase it through a special company that specializes in moving insurance itself.

Saving money on moving isn’t as difficult as it might seem from the get go. If you keep these things in mind, you’ll soon find that your move comes in under budget without trouble at all.

 Missie Morrison is a moving consultant with many years of experience in the industry. Today, she runs, and tries to help consumers everywhere make moving easy.