Listing and Selling a Denver Home

So it’s spring time and your are ready to down size or your family has grown or you want to be closer to work, or you just want a change.  Regardless of why you want to sell a Denver home you should seriously consider interviewing House Call Realty for the job.

First, give us a call and we can give you an idea of the current value of your home. We have also provided a simple form to fill out and get a free market analysis on your Denver Home, if you prefer that method. I have been watching the prices climb back up and we have record low numbers of homes available, so it is a great time to list your house on the Denver MLS.

Denver Home Search
Denver Home Search

What does that mean? It means that I need listings! Over night we have switched to a seller’s market. If you have been holding off selling, now is the time, interest rates remain low, and there is record low inventory.  You will probably get multiple offers and often more than asking price in the current market.

I have watched the Denver real estate market climb by 10% in the past 2 months.  It’s a great time to sell. I will give you the comparable values and we can make a plan to sell your home.

De-clutter your home, touch up the paint, wash the windows and get ready for company! Many homes are getting multiple showings per day, so we can customize the showings in blocks that will be the least disruptive to your schedule.

I will come over and give you a fresh set of eyes in order to give you feed back on what comments your potential buyers will probably make before listing a Denver home. It’s usually obvious, but sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. If you see it every day it blends in and you don’t tend to notice the paint wear on the thresh hold, the front door that needs painting, or the clutter stashed above the kitchen cabinetry. These are simple things that can be fixed for next to nothing and can make a huge diference in your bottom line at closing.

Next, House Calls Realty will take professional photos of your spruced up home in order to create a custom built web page marketing your home.

Denver HUD Agent
Denver HUD Agent

We also create a video short to promote your home on our Denver real estate youtube channel. We have an in house SEO professional that will optimize your web page and youtube video so that your home will be quickly found by the search engines.

We then promote your home on as many websites as possible.  We will submit your custom built web page ad to the MLS and websites including but not limited to: Frontdoor, Oodle, Hotpads, Trulia, Zillow, Yahoo, Backpage, Vast, and Enormo. We also share your home on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many others.

We promote your home offline as well.  We will put a sign in the yard, but that is just the beginning. We will create flyers and visit the local hangouts. We post the flyers on local bulletin boards. The boards are getting harder to find, but I have found local bulletin boards at King Soopers, Safeways, coffee shops, diners and even gas stations. I have also handed out flyers at dog parks, trade shows and right out on the street.  We really want to get the most exposure as possible right from the get go in order to hit the market hard.

We then schedule the showings and accept the offers to be presented to you. We will manage the paper work, negotiations and navigate the closing.  If you are thinking of selling a Denver home, engage a small professional company like House Calls Realty.  You will receive personal service and prompt responses to your questions and concerns.