Understanding The Capabilities of a Compressor For Your Home


Some people fashion themselves as good with their hands and proficient in their efforts to clean cars, sinks and the other myriad repairs that need to be done in a home. Other people are more than willing to shell out the funds to have someone else handle the issue. And then there is a large clump of people somewhere in between, who aren’t averse to do simple home maintenance themselves but lack the knowledge of the tools to feel comfortable doing so.

Wherever you stand on this spectrum, it’s important to understand that regardless of your knowledge, the right tools are essential. And in many cases, proper equipment can make certain tasks much less imposing. You might not want to stock your garage with every tool you need to build a home from start to finish, but there are plenty of more basic pieces of equipment that can serve you in a variety of smaller tasks. An air compressor is a worthwhile piece of equipment on its own, but you might be surprised to know how it can benefit a number of other tools.

Read on for a better understanding of how this equipment can serve you at home.

Making housework easier with the right tools

Part of the trick in performing routine housework and maintenance is making the task easier. Tools and equipment play a large role in that. An air compressor, for example, can be used to easily perform a number of simple tasks that many people are content to put in the hands of a professional — and at a significant cost. Yes, an air compressor is an additional expense, but when you spread out that cost over the numerous times you use it, it pales significantly in comparison to what you’re currently spending to have others to a run-of-the-mill job.

Unlike hand pumps and other devices that a compressor has come to replace, this piece of equipment has allowed many once-arduous projects to be dramatically simplified.

Considering the uses of an air compressor

There’s a long list of scenarios in which an air compressor can prove useful. The most obvious is using the compressor to inflate car tires, bike tires and sports balls, but there are other purposes for this equipment. You can use it as the power source for a power washer, which is great for cleaning decks, patios and other outdoor features. An air compressor can also be used to clean out your car’s air filter, and it can serve as a vacuum pump in some situations.

And an air compressor can become an even more routine piece of equipment if you choose to outfit yourself with some pneumatic tools.

The benefits of pneumatic tools

Pneumatic tools are hooked up to an air compressor and powered by air pressure. This is actually an extremely power alternative to electrically powered tools — many auto shops use pneumatic tools because they can make certain tasks vastly easier.

A pneumatic chisel, for example, can be used to demolish tiling and help with renovation work in the home. Pneumatic wrenches can take the physical labor out of loosing and tightening tires bolts, making tire rotations and other automotive work much easier to do. Air filter, window screen and furnace cleanings are much faster and more efficient, and power tools can be replaced by pneumatic alternatives, including power drills and nail guns.

Compressors come in a range of sizes and price points, and you’ll ultimately need to decide what type best suits your expected uses. If you’ve been throwing money into tire rotations, deck cleanings and other services around your home, it’s time to reconsider whether that’s the best financial decision for you. There’s a lot of money to be saved by doing a little more housework on your own, and some essential equipment can bring you that much closer to self-sufficiency.