Once you’ve decided to sell your house, you’ll want to do everything that you can to speed up the process and keep things moving. Selling your home and moving house can seem like an endless journey and there can be plenty of obstacles along the way. Fortunately there are lots of great ideas available to help you secure a quick sale, so read on for some top tips on how best to prepare your house ready to sell.

Have a good clear out!

Tidying and decluttering your home is every bit as important as decorating and kerb appeal. If your potential buyers can’t see the colour of the carpet for the furniture, books or toys covering the floor, then they won’t leave with a good impression of your home. Houses that are cluttered with too much furniture or possessions seem smaller and darker than they actually are. So whatever time of year you decide to sell, take the opportunity to have a good spring clean. Store as much as you can in your loft or garage, and raise some extra cash for your move by selling items on ebay or at your local car boot sale.

Wake up your decor

If your paintwork and decor is faded or if the colours in certain rooms are unlikely to be to everyone’s taste, invest some time in redecorating and painting. If the walls are in reasonable condition then it won’t take long, and by choosing light and welcoming colours you can create an inviting environment for your potential buyers. Focus on areas of the house which will leave a lasting impression, such as the hallway, living room and main bedroom.

Create the right ambiance

When potential buyers start to come to view your house, make sure that they are seeing it in the very best light. It goes without saying that your property should be clean and tidy, with any front garden areas looking smart and bins stowed away out of sight. But it’s the small touches that really count. Try brewing coffee, baking bread or having fresh flowers on display so that welcoming smells waft into the hallway when your prospective buyers arrive. If the weather is warm then leave open windows and French doors to create a sense of light, space and fresh air.

Sell your home’s unique points

Remember what it is that you loved most about your home when you first viewed it, and make sure that your buyers notice any special features, countryside views or new carpets or fittings that you’ve put in since you’ve been there. Don’t just sell your property – sell your neighbours, the local area, amenities, and anything else that you would have wanted to know. Be ready to answer any concerns or questions that your buyers may have, and explain the reasons why you are moving in a positive light. Be friendly and genuine, and you will leave your prospective buyers with a positive lasting impression of your home.

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