DIY Projects to Help Sell Your Home

Although the housing market is warming up in some areas, it is still important to make your home stand out from the rest of those on the market if you want to sell it quickly and get the best price. The idea is to work on small changes that will make the house more attractive and will bring a good return on the money invested in them. Most should be projects that you can do yourself because labor is quite expensive. The following ideas fit these requirements: Clean and Clear The house should appear clean and manicured inside and out. The following projects should make noticeable improvements:

• Neatly trim trees, bushes, and hedges, and remove any dead growth.

• Rake away leaves or lawn debris from around the house.

• Power wash sidewalks, siding, other concrete.

• Add landscaping lighting or path lights.

• Paint the trim and shutters a contrasting color.

• Weed flower beds, and plant with new blooms if necessary.

• Organize closets and wipe baseboards.

• Remove magnets and other clutter from the refrigerator

• Remove most family photographs; the potential buyer needs to envision the house as his or her home, not yours.

• Clean the cooker top and oven.

• Remove fingerprints from all appliances, and use a Magic Eraser to make sinks shine.

• Consider putting excess furnishings into storage or selling them at a yard sale; the rooms will seem more spacious with fewer items.

• Clean the carpet, or remove old carpeting and refinish hardwood floors.

• Place a new green plant or two in conspicuous areas.

• Light up darker areas with a floor lamp or by putting in higher wattage bulbs.

• Check all doors, including cabinets, and spray with WD-40 if necessary to ensure soundless operation. Renovate Styles change with the years, and most buyers want the home to be in line with current trends. These changes are usually worth the money and time invested:

• Eliminate the old popcorn style ceilings and repaint.

• Install a water filtration system.

• Remove wall paper and paint in lighter neutral colors to make rooms appear larger.

• Repair or replace leaky faucets.

• Update lighting fixtures that appear dated or install ceiling fans.

• Add a mirrored wall in a smaller bathroom to create the illusion of more space.

• Add a more modern vanity or update with new hardware.

• Resurface kitchen cabinets and countertops with stylish surfaces.

• Install modern covers on light switches and electrical outlets.

The idea is to make the prospective buyer see the best attributes of your house and find qualities that he or she doesn’t have in their current living conditions. Once you have created a desire, buyers are more likely to bring their money to the bargaining table and work with you on finding an agreeable price. Although these projects take time and money, the return they bring is well worth the effort involved. Claire Atkinson writes for a site where you can compare PEI mortgage rates online. She enjoys easy home decorating projects that she can do herself.