House Moving Nightmares you should watch out for!


If you’ve ever moved house before, you’ll know exactly how stressful it can be, and just how many little unexpected things can go wrong.  If you have never moved before and are about to take the plunge – here’s your guide to some of the issues you can expect to experience, but remember, you can avoid most of these by following our simple tips.

Delays and Confusion

You’re tired and stressed when moving, so it’s inevitable that delays and confusion will fray your temper.  Take a super-organised approach to moving day and ensure that you have your dates and times correct.  Whether you have purchased a new home or are moving into a rented apartment, call the leasing agent a couple of days before your moving date just to confirm that everything can go ahead as planned.  Most removal firms will require at least 48 hours notice to cancel their services at no charge, so by double checking dates and times in this way you can give everyone plenty of notice if there are any changes to the schedule.  It’s a good idea to also call the removal firm and confirm your booking date and time, so that you are not left waiting around for a van whilst all your belonging are packed into boxes!

Missing Belongings

It can be easy to lose things when you’re caught up in the flow of moving house.  You can take some steps to prevent things from being lost – most items should be packed into boxes which are clearly labelled and its good practice to mark any items you think you may struggle to find later on the side of the box.  That way when you’re hunting for your Christian Louboutin heels for work, you won’t need to pack the entire bedroom full of boxes marked ‘clothes and shoes’!  It’s also a good idea to pack an emergency box or bags as if you were going on vacation.  This should include everything you’ll need for the first night in your new home, such as the kettle, toaster, coffee, a book, pyjamas etc.  if you have kids, it’s also a great idea to pack a bag for them, particularly if you have a baby or a toddler.  A couple of days supply of baby food, bottles, nappies and other supplies is perfect and will ease the stress when you arrive at your new home.

An Untidy Space

If you turn up at your new rental apartment to find chaos everywhere, it’s best to call the agent straightaway.  Usually, an apartment should be professionally cleaned before the new tenant arrives, and an inventory taken to show the contents and condition of the home; you don’t want to be held responsible for stains on carpets that were left by the previous tenants.  By calling the agents straightaway, a professional cleaner can be organised to return your new home to a spotless state, although you may wish to hold off unpacking until the cleaning is done.

Whilst some issues might occur on your moving day which are out of your control, follow the above tips and there shouldn’t be much risk of anything happening that you are unable to handle.  Just sit back, relax and enjoy your new home.