Sell your house: Making rooms look bigger with contemporary wall art

When it comes to selling your house, you’ll want to present it in the best possible way to make every viewing count. It’s often hard to be objective about your own home, that bright pink bathroom you love so much, the photo frames and wall art covering every inch of wall space or the trinkets and collectables lining every shelf in your living room. Many sellers assume that viewers of the property will be able to look past all the personal touches and cosmetic appearances that may not be to their taste, but a lot of potential buyers are put off by bad décor and some of those finishes you love so much may be underselling your property by making it look too cluttered and pokey, or dark and small. So how can you bring your property to life and give it the illusion of being airy, spacious and modern – without renovating your whole house?

Sometimes less really is more, so remove all the clutter you have lying around and put them into storage. You might love your collection of porcelain cats, but they won’t be to everyone’s taste and if they’re covering your dining room then prospective buyers might not be seeing the true potential of the room. A fresh lick of paint might be in order if you’ve got excessively bright or dark colours plastered on your walls that may be detracting from the size and space of a room.

A great way to make a small room feel spacious is by using contemporary wall art. As tempting as it may be to keep that wall full of family photos, this will only make the room feel smaller and over-filled. Your home will feel much lighter, brighter and modern with a select few pieces of wall art used throughout the interior.  If you’re going to use wall art to make a room feel more spacious, the key is to pick a large size print with a bold design. Placement is important too, you want to keep your walls relatively free so prospective buyers aren’t distracted with too much to look at all at once, which can often take away from their ability to look at the spaces and whether they would work for them.

When you’re short of space,  it’s all about creating optical illusions to make a room feel larger than it really is. If you’re stuck with a long, narrow room for example, lining the longest walls with pieces of art or frames will only emphasise the narrowness of the room, so to make the best of this space we would suggest only hanging wall art on the shortest walls which will draw the eye and create an optical illusion making the room feel wider and more open.

So now that you have some useful tricks to spruce up your property to help you get that sale, the question is what are you waiting for?

Article by professional photographer Indigo Plum, who has put together a selection of stunning photographs which make fantastic wall art to brighten up your walls.